Police: Left-Wing Activists in Chevron are Dangerous


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According to Chevron police, radical left-wingers in the area pose a significantly greater security risk than the right-wing community, explaining the left-wingers seek to “provoke the settlers in the hope they will use physical violence against them.”

Citing two organizations, police state that the Bnei Avraham group (is committed to “disturbing the occupation, disrupting the segregation and apartheid regime”) is one. The second is Breaking the Silence, calling the group “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Quoted by Ynet, Chevron Police Chief Avshalom Peled stated the militant left has been quite problematic in the Chevron and Gush Etzion areas.

Ynet continues to quote another unnamed police official, who states that of late, the left-wingers have become increasingly violent and troublesome, charging them with inciting violence and attacking right-wingers.

“The left-wing organizations have become an even greater threat than the anarchists.” The report concludes.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)