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Fulltime Medics For The President

peres.jpgIn response to an official request from the president’s staff, a fulltime paramedic escort will be provided for President Shimon Peres, apparently due to his advanced age, 85. Sources in the President’s Residence stress the request does not in any way signal a deterioration in President Peres’ health. The request did not come from the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) and therefore, the tab, almost NIS 1 million annually, will be included in the presidential budget and not the GSS security budget for the president.

In the past, paramedics were assigned to the president on long trips or upon his travel abroad, but from now on, there will be emergency medical personnel assigned to the president around-the-clock.

Since assuming office there have been numerous requests from the president’s staff, including the right for the president’s vehicle to use a blue police light. This request was met with stern GSS objections, with security officials insisting the move is unwarranted and unwanted. Officials on the president’s staff have also requested an additional escort vehicle, as is provided by the prime minister.

Presidential staff officials explain they view the president as the same as the prime minister and as such, all security and other arrangements for the prime minister should be standard procedure for the president as well.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. 1. hatzalah will volunteer!

    2. mccain will be getting md’s. why is perez (a derogatory name made up by ben gurion — the lion) getting para’s?

    3. every bitachon ishi (secret service agent) in the us has extensive “chovesh” training. so should peres (we dont want olmert to be in charge there too!)

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