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Proposal For Compensation Package For Families Of Meron Victims

Israel’s National Insurance Institute (NII) has concluded a proposal for a compensation package for the families of the Meron victims.

The outline – prepared at the request of Finance Committee chairman Moshe Gafni – is based on the principles of the “Versailles Law” formulated in a public committee and passed by the Knesset, which provided aid to the victims of the Versailles wedding hall disaster, which occurred in 2001.

“We are proposing a plan similar to the plan formulated after the Versailles disaster, with compensation totaling NIS 100,000 ($30,853) for each person who died, and NIS 130,000 ($40,102) for each person who died in families in which more than one family member was killed,” NII Director-General Meir Shpigler said.

The outline delineates that the money be provided in a lump sum rather than a monthly allowance. Additional compensation will be calculated according to a monthly allowance of about NIS 1,800, depending on the number of survivors, for 25 years. The outline also calls for the compensation of whoever was injured in the disaster and will remain handicapped.

The outline recommends that the Meron disaster be recognized as a “national disaster” that will entitle the survivors to state assistance.

Gafni stated that he “demands that the government implement the outline as quickly as possible.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. The only Compensation Package For Families Of Meron Victims that I could possibly think of is bringing all of these 45 קדושים back to life.

    Money simply doesn’t cut it, for such an unbelievable tragedy, and same remarks apply to שבועות bleachers tragedy just in case government again tries to pull a fast one on them too.

  2. what “fast one” are they trying to pull exactly? what else should they do for the families according to you?

  3. 147: You are always so negative. It’s unbelievable.
    You are undeniably right that money doesn’t compensate, but what CAN be done now?
    And besides anything, it also has a physiological benefit, it means ‘We’re sorry, we apologize!’.
    And although the pain of loss is still there, at least there is less pain from the social aspect.
    Simpy saying that without giving anything significant it practically meaningless, (although still much better than nothing).

    So yes, there are faults with the Israeli government, plenty in fact, but don’t hack them on what they do right. They are lightyears better than many other governments around the world.
    If you knew what the Israeli government did against Yidden (especially from Arab countries) before, during and after the Holocaust, your blood would boil (mine does) – you would not be so busy with petty little things.

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