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10 Crews, 6 Planes Fight Fires Near J-m, Homes Evacuated, Route 1 Closed

A fire broke out in the Jerusalem suburb of Mevaseret Tzion on Sunday afternoon and spread dangerously close to residential areas.

Ten firefighting teams are at the scene battling the fire as well as six aircraft.

Police evacuated residents from some homes in Mevaseret Tzion as well as the residents of a nursing home in the nearby town of Motza.

Route 1 from Mevaseret Tzion to Jerusalem has been closed/

Another fire broke out at the Lifta Nature Reserve at the entrance to Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon, Channel 12 News reported.

Like the wildfires that broke out outside Jerusalem last week, firefighters believe the fires on Sunday may be the result of arson.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. It is השם’s method of telling Israel, that they are spiritually burning under Bennett, since they seems to be the only way they may possibly comprehend this tragic message.

  2. There is a Gemara that says that if there is no Torah learning in a house at night, then there is a possibility of a fire near by maybe in a forest near by.
    I have a funny feeling that in the merit of learning Hashem’s beautiful Torah, then Hashem will physically stop the arabs and the bedouins and also other people from igniting dangerous fires.
    Torah is the best fire insurance on the market.
    Try it out.

  3. avraham,
    Well said. Don’t forget the Gemara that says that “delayka” (fire) is found where there is chillul Shabbos.

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