VIDEO & PHOTOS: Large Kinus Held In Yerushalayim Against Shame Parade


Korach_5768_203.jpg(VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS AT END OF ARTICLE) On Thursday afternoon, during the time that the To’eva Parade was to take place in the holy city of Yerushalayim, there was a peaceful albeit strong Ma’cha and Tefilah Kinus that took place at Kikar Shabbos. Organized by the Eidah HaCharedis, gedolim such as HaRav Moshe Shternbach Shlita, and HaRav Batzri Shlita, led the crowds in Tefilah.

Hundreds of people wearing sackcloth could be seen among the crowd that numbered over a thousand. Police and security personnel ensured that nothing got out of hand – and besides for two isolated incidents – both of which were promptly dealt with both by Eidah representatives and the police force. Water was also distributed for the benefit of
those attending.

Click HERE for video and click HERE for photos.

(Article and Photo credits: Yehuda Boltshauser – YWN Israel)


  1. “organized by the Eida”

    dont think so!! the other members of the badatz of the eida were not there nor the admorim [toldos ay,aharon etc.] that are part the eida.
    nor were any signs signed by the eida!!

  2. The strategy of the Eidah this year was to low-key the Parade, in order to minimize the publicity, which would have a negative impact on Hareidi youth. This is the Gerer Rebbe’s position.

    Meanwhile, they tried to work behind the scenes–unsuccessfully.

  3. to #9 dont know why you are upset…didnt say any thing upsetting.. you said “its more efficient and productuive” we assume you are referrung to the toiave parade. how is it more efficient in regards to stop this enormous chilil hashem (yes lawrence yid, such parade is MAJOR ,SHEBE-MAJOR chilil hashem, not when someone makes some minor shebe minor negetive comment on tim russet, whoever he is see posts here..

  4. to #11 we cant go to a whole disscussion on meaning of chillil hashem, (not the way lawrence yid and his friend undrestands it)and purpose of moiche b’rabin no matter how little the effect it will have, see gemorrah shabbos, mefoershim on “pinchus ben elozor heishiv es chamosi..” that by going and showing our tzar.. it reduces the “churen af on us”..which is not accomlished by sitting and, bach to our question,YES how can sitting and learning be MORE those who are fleisig learners they shouldnt go (dont know l’halacha me not posek,but even according to your shita) if you wont mind, from your postings way back ,you dont seem to be one who is concerned about more learning only about not hurting the sensetivities of those toiave guys.. so thats why we commented

  5. to #11, #13 and all posters who have same shita (“degree of compassion” for mechaive koris, skila…) we have yet to see you should be moiche for kvod shomaim(chillil hashem)..every time there is a article condemming chilil hashem ,where there is a display of disregarding a mitzvoh in the torah whether private or kal v’chomer in public ,you posters always come out against the ehrliche yidden and in defense of oivre avairah… say ” i indeed am concerned about that” where can we see you are concerned about the eibishters “sensitivities?(l’shaber es huoisen, so to speak.).chillel hashem is not only when sone one does wrong bein adom l’chavairo, it is also bein adom l’ “kolhamchallel shem shomayin b’tzina…nifroim mimenu b’agoli” so what chilil hashem nobody sees, not mt russet, not thast goy he was afraid of (one of the posters)so we see from here chilil hashem is not dafeke some body see its one doing an avairoh and disregardes the eibishter ,im yisoser eish b’mistorinm v’unoiche lo areni (rama seuf alef)so we have those mechallei torah mechallel shem shomaim b’rabim and not just one perso but hundreds so the chililis ten fold (which all you non ehrliche posters dont seem to be concerne so we have to havr k’nekom just as much moichimb’rabin for ,yes,