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Rav Ovadia Shlita Orders Ministers to Support Hizbullah Deal

ovadia3.jpgAccording to reports, Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlita has instructed Shas Party ministers to vote in favor of the Hizbullah prisoner exchange deal.

Rav Ovadia has explained that while it appears the two soldiers are dead, the intelligence information available today is not sufficient to free Karnit Goldwasser from her status as an aguna and this may only be accomplished by bringing the soldiers home.

Rav Ovadia stated that freeing Mrs. Goldwasser from her current state  of aguna is a high priority and missing this opportunity may result in her remaining an aguna forever.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

6 Responses

  1. so nice the words of a pure soul if he not worried about the ppl israel wants to release thn no one should it worth it just for mrs.goldwasser

  2. Ein podin es hashvuyin yeser al kedei demeihen. It is 100% certain that Jewish blood will be spilled because of this deal, and all who voted for it will have to account to those neshomos whom they have just murdered. Never forget that Shamir’s deal of 1000 terrorists for 6 soldiers (including 2 goyim) caused the original “intifada”.

  3. uh milhouse ? or sorry RABBI house whatever . you must be a baki in hilchos pidyon shevuyen whats your phone # i got some more shailos.
    i love how people just screen an article and develop an opinion with the little knowledge they have in a matter of seconds and casually argue on the most knowledgable poskim on earth.It is inconceivable what this man knows….
    but we appreciate your opinion mllhouse, its good entertainment. KEEP IT UP house!

  4. It’s black letter law; there’s nothing to discuss. Even if these soldiers were known to be alive, it would be absolutely forbidden to ransom them for more than they could fetch on the open market, which nowadays is zero. It is forbidden to create an incentive for Jews to be kidnapped. And it is forbidden to release a known and unrepentant murderer into the wild so he can kill more Jews.

    Bimkom chilul Hashem ein cholkin kavod larav. Everyone involved in approving this deal has Jewish blood on their hands. All their torah won’t save them from the accusation of the innocent Jews who will have been killed because of this stinking deal. Kol demei achicha tzoakim elai min ha’adama.

  5. Milhouse: So Pidyun Shvuyim is removed from the Torah nowadays?

    Secondly, you are making determinations that are in the jurisdiction of a competent Torah authority, not a layman like yourself.

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