FRIGHTENING: Breslover Chasidim Nearly Lynched after Mistakenly Entering Ramallah [VIDEOS]


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Two Israeli are lucky to be alive after getting lost, winding up in Ramallah, and being nearly lynched by a crowd of Palestinians.

The pair, reportedly Bresolver chasidim who were on their way to Kever Yosef in Shechem, apparently got lost during their drive and mistakenly drove into Ramallah, where they were quickly surrounded by an angry group of Palestinians at Menara Square.

The Palestinians began attacking the chasidim’s vehicle, and the situation nearly escalated out of control before Palestinian Authority security forces arrived on scene and rescued the pair. The security forces took the chasidim out of Ramallah and handed them over to IDF forces, who questioned the pair for their reckless actions.


  1. kudos to the Palestinian Authority for saving them. I did not think this is something they would do. Could be they were saving their own skin though, since if they were killed, a lot of Palestinians may end up also getting hurt or killed.

  2. Fraidygee, if that would have happened, the next YWN headline would have read, “Anti-semitic Israeli policemen prevent chassidim from traveling to Yosef’s kever”.