WATCH IT HAPPEN: British Jews Attacked on Bus as They Headed to Chanukah Party


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A bus packed with frum Jews on their way to a Chanukah get-together was attacked by individuals who appeared to perform Nazi salutes.

A video of the incident shows a group of men performing Nazi salutes, cursing at the passengers, spitting on them, and then slamming their fists against the bus door and windows.

The incident comes amid a spate of anti-Semitic attacks carried out across the globe over the first few days of Chanukah, including several assaults in Brooklyn and the toppling of numerous menorahs across the world.

The Metropolitan Police said Monday’s incident is being treated as a hate crime. No arrests have yet been made.

“Antisemitism has no place whatsoever in society and I utterly condemn these disgusting acts,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / AP)


  1. Is this the same wicked country that murdered Alta Fixler? Are these the same citizens that stood by silently as their government euthanasia a helpless Jewish child?

  2. England has also turned their laws against medical freedoms in concert with dictates of Big Pharma orchestrated by the World Economic Forum and other sociopathic globalist organizations and their minions.

  3. “A bus packed with frum Jews on their way to a Chanukah get-together”

    No, that is not accurate. It was an open roof Lubavitch bus out doing its Chanukah rounds. Things like playing music, dancing, and donuts. Think like a mitzvah tank in the USA driving around, playing music.

  4. Lemayseh

    And if it was a bus full of Muslims playing their music on their holiday would it be ok for people to curse at them and yell “go back to where you came from”?!?

    No doubt, a Mitzvah tank stands out, yet it’s still NO excuse!

    Sadiq Khan’s tweet, though nice to get verbal support, has no meaning, unless he goes full force after these thugs. Otherwise, it’s a quiet endorsement, unfortunately.

  5. It happened because it’s allowed to happen. The police stand by because they are afraid…they are un armed whereas these rodents carry knives & guns. And besides, who cares about Jews? We control everything (in our dreams!) so we deserve whatever we get, right?

    I call it institutional antisemitism. Although the government drones on and on and the mayor makes these useless tweets, they don’t do anything practical to stop it. They allow antisemitism and violence against our people and property to increase; we can thank the Corbyn scandals for empowering these thugs. We all know that Jews are the perfect scapegoat and as long as we get blamed for everything from Covid to Global warming, no one in authority has to try to solve the problems we all face. We are convenient.

  6. @mommamia22

    We are in golus and we need to act accordingly. If you have taynos as to why we are in golus, take it up with the master of the world, HKB”H.

    To be דוחק את הקץ, to push a geulah before its time, is a dangerous thing. That is a big danger of messianic movements. Some people have deluded themselves to believe that the time of redemption has arrived, as their late Rebbe taught them, and therefore they take liberties their ancestors would not have. So HKB”H reminds them that they are still in golus. It is much better not to have such unpleasant reminders, but if they don’t listen when Yidden correct them, sometimes they are taught the lesson by outsiders.

  7. @lemayseh- lemayseh your whole premise is flawed, based on what you are saying the whole aspect of pirsumei nisa is being dochek the ketz, and we know that the minhag always was to put your menorah at your front door and the reason it stopped was because of pikuach nefesh, basically what you are saying is that the chachamim who instituted the mitzvah didn’t act in accordance how a galus yid should act cha”v.