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At Least 10 Israelis Died Of COVID After Refusing Antibody Treatment, 1,500 Refuse It

Hundreds of Israel are refusing to be treated with Regeneron’s life-saving monoclonal antibody treatment and at least ten Israelis, and likely dozens more, subsequently passed away, Channel 12 News reported on Sunday.

The report said that about 1,500 COVID patients have refused the antibody treatment and Meuchedet, one of Israel’s four Kupot Cholim, reported that ten patients who refused treatment passed away. According to the report, it’s believed that as many as 120 COVID patients in Israel may have passed away after refusing the treatment.

Shortly after Israel’s Health Ministry began offering the Regeneron drug in September, reports said that anti-vaxxer coronavirus patients are refusing to be treated with the drug.

Additionally, Channel 12 reported last week that one out of three Israelis are refusing to be treated with the Pfizer drug Paxlovid, which has proven to be highly effective at preventing mildly ill but high-risk COVID patients from becoming seriously ill.

Israel, which was one of the first countries to receive the drug, began administering it to at-risk patients, including HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein, about two weeks ago.

About 1,030 patients were treated with the drug but 430 patients refused it.

According to more specific data released by Maccabi on Monday, over 90% of their patients treated with Paxlovid showed significant improvement in their condition within three days, with 60% reporting a reduction in symptoms and fever within the first day and 92% within three days. About 25% of patients offered the drug by Maccabi refused the treatment.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Such lies.
    Monoclonal antibodies are no longer being given in Israel unless a person meets certain criteria. If they don’t and they want the Regeneron, they need to pay 6000 shekels out of their own pocket.

    Regarding the new Phizer oral medication, this too is only given to people who meet various criteria. it is not available to everyone and special permission is required in order to receive it.

    What was the point of this article? To try to instil more pressure, more fear? Incite more hatred. Leave people alone to make their own decisions. I, for one, will not go near anything that Phizer produces!

  2. As per Emden’s law for the sake of the public good, just hold them down and administer Regeneron’s life-saving monoclonal antibody treatment even without their consent.

  3. At this point in time, if someone in a sound mental state explicitly refuses a potentially life-saving medical treatment that has been approved by the relevant regulatory agency, will not create unbearable financial burdens on the family etc. and is niftar, perhaps ask the appropriate Rav if his/her death should be treated as analogous to a suicide under halacha.

  4. Can we establish a hotline where religious people, or their relatives, can call up and they will be routed to a Rabbi they would respect to pasken on these issues?

  5. On the face of it, this story makes no sense. If so many people are “refusing” monoclonal treatment, there must be a reason. But this report doesn’t offer a reason.

    The article claims at one point that “anti-vaxxer” patients are refusing it, but that makes even less sense. It’s not a vaccine, so why refuse it? It’s been saving lives in droves in the US for well over a year now, so why would anyone “offered” the treatment refuse it? Something is fishy here.

    But the facts on the ground are true, and are reported in the Israeli newspapers. But they do hint at a sensible reason.

    According to Haaretz, the drug is not being offered in a widespread fashion. One of the main criterion for eligibility to receive it is being unvaccinated (5 points out of the 7 required). It seems they only offered it to about 600 patients in September and October (that sounds like not enough people being offered), and more than half refused it. They claim that the people are not very motivated to take it, seemingly due to lack of trust in the Israeli medical establishment. Well, we cannot fault them for that, can we?

    So the article here in YWN is basically incomplete. And it left out the most important point. That because the Israeli government and medical czars have so utterly failed the citizens, no one trusts them anymore, even when they offer something good!

  6. People will look back and see that the EVIL Nazism was back in full display.

    There are so many drugs that have been proven to help, if not for the evil medical professionals and the EVIL media many lives would have been saved…

    On the contrary we don’t know how many lives were saved by the fake vaccines nor do we know the short and long term effects on the body. Anyone that claims that there are no long term effects is either a liar or an ignorant person.

    The most promising Vaccines take years to assess its efficacy and its safety

  7. The use of this expression “anti-vaxers” is extremely vile.
    Every death you report is framed differently according to the vaccine status of the individual.
    And obviously you only report the deaths of conspiracy theorists who’s death was brought on by their refusal to follow the “science”.
    While all vaccinated deaths, and vaccine deaths do not exist…

  8. What the article does not disclose how many patients did take those treatments and died as well…

    And how many people suffer from Fatal kidney failure after taking Pfizer’s new medication??
    Get your facts straight…

  9. Is there a reason that ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine, quercitin, zinc, vitamins -c, -d, -k and -a aren’t being prescribed? There are other effective and essentially non-invasive remedies beside these as well.

    Isn’t it time doctors and government representatives start standing up to the autocrats from big pharma are attempt to dictate their own high-margin protocols over the public?!

  10. Bundy – no lies in the article. What is written and what you said mesh perfectly. Especially the attitude that you profess. Be Gezunt!

  11. Monoclonal antibodies are made by Regeneron, not Pfizer. Del Bigtree from “The Highwire” interviewed a doctor about Monoclonal antibodies and it did not sound like there was any problem with it, aside from it’s high price.

  12. @Bundy: Monoclonal antibodies are made by Regeneron, not Pfizer. Del Bigtree from “The Highwire” interviewed a doctor about Monoclonal antibodies and it did not sound like there was any problem with it, aside from it’s high price.

  13. Well, as my late father would have said (addressing the refusers): More for the rest of us.

    What are their families feeling now? Tragic.

  14. now please cite all those vaccinated people who died, caught Covid, and transmitted Covid! You and the secular media reshoim gemurim are full of garbage!! these vaccines never worked like they told us – never!

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