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YWN Eretz Yisrael Evening News Roundup – 7/03/08

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


*DM Barak ordered Gaza closing closed after a Kassam rocket was fired into southern Israel on Thursday.

*No injuries were reported in a firebomb attack against an Israeli motorist near Qalqilye.


*A bus caught fire in Haifa on Thursday morning. Passengers were able to get off without any injuries. The bus sustained heavy damage.

*A 2-year-old was seriously burned on Zonnenfeld Street in Yerushalayim’s Beis Yisrael neighborhood. The toddler has second degree burns over 40% of the body.

*Eight illegal PA residents were apprehended on Thursday by police in Ramat Gan. A routine inspection of their vehicles for explosive devices and weapons led to considerable traffic snarls in the area.

*PM Olmert calls for the razing of the home of the bulldozer attack terrorist as well as canceling all benefits to his family as Israeli citizens.

*Disabled protestors continued demonstrating in Tel Aviv on Thursday, demanding increased national government assistance.

*Six chareidim were arrested by police on Thursday for allegedly trying to break into Abu Kabir Forensic Institute as protests continue against police plans to perform an autopsy on an Ashkelon resident.

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