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Israeli Defense Official: “Biden’s Weakness Spurred Putin’s Aggression”

US President Joe Biden’s weakness toward Iran, in Afghanistan, and other international challenges is what spurred the Russian aggression toward Ukraine, a former senior Israeli defense official told Yisrael Hayom on Tuesday.

“The naïve approach of the current administration, which believes in diplomacy and not in the use of force, is inviting aggression from totalitarian regimes such as China and Russia,” the official said.

“There’s a direct link between [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s brazenness in threatening Ukraine, and the Chinese aggression toward Taiwan. These are things we didn’t see a year ago, and it’s not a coincidence. What has changed has been the American policy.”

“This is a test for the US and the West,” the official continued. “Ukraine is a test case that the whole world is watching.”



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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Biden knows that as well. He is quite likely to let his inner FDR shine through (remember, he is a pre-boomer) and take bold measures in response to an invasion of Ukraine (call up reserves and National Guard, massive increase in military spending with higher taxes which can also be used for rewarding his base, massive trade sanctions that will allow him to say how he is helping American workers). I doubt Biden and Putin really want a full scale war, but then again, in 1914 the powers that be were playing chess with the small countries in eastern Europe as pieces, and someone tipped over the board.

  2. FDR was a vicious anti-Semite who allowed six million Jews to go up in smoke and he’s now burning in Hell.

    Brainless Brandon is an empty-headed dolt with nothing inside to shine through.

    Inner FDR? Bold measures? You’re delusional.

  3. This anonymous officer must be eating his words today.
    Putin pulled back from the border and decided to de-escalate the situation.

    Must be Biden’s weakness and empty head that caused him to do that.

  4. There was a compelling article (by a knowledgeable Biden supporter) that Biden is driven by the pride in his opinions over decades that were usually dismissed and summarily rejected (“always on the wrong side of each issue” Bob Gates; “you can never underestimate B ability to [do wrong]” Barack Obama). So, now he surrounded himself with junior people who are not contradicting him and he finally can show the world how great all his ideas are. This sounds true. Sad.

  5. It was actually Trump who decided to let Iran enrich uranium without limits when he killed off the JCPOA. And it was Trump who sold out Afghanistan to the Taliban.

    But in any case, this anonymous official doesn’t realize that there is zero support in the US from any part of the political spectrum for fighting Russia in a hot war. Nor does he realize that a very large part of the Trump Cult is openly siding with Russia.

  6. jackk:

    Neither NATO nor the White House believe that Putin has actually pulled back from the border at this time, just you. Whatever Putin ultimately decides to do will not be influenced by the drooling, diaper-clad ventriloquist dummy that you so hopelessly attempt to defend.

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