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Ex-Likud MK Feiglin Sparks Uproar: “Young People Should Avoid Vaccines Like Fire”

Former Likud MK and chairman of the Zehut Party Moshe Feiglin, who announced on Sunday that he is running in the upcoming Likud primaries, caused an uproar on Tuesday with his comments on COVID vaccines.

Feiglin, who is known for his extremist views, told Kan News on Tuesday that he hasn’t been vaccinated against COVID but he thinks that former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s first stage of bringing vaccines to Israel to save people at high risk was “logical.”

However, he added: “The Health Ministry’s urging to obligate small children to be vaccinated is a heinous act. Young people and definitely children should stay far away [from COVID vaccines] like from fire.”

In response, the Health Ministry issued a statement, stating: “We are horrified by the nonsense uttered by someone who has no understanding or knowledge of the subject.”

“It’s unfortunate that a person without the appropriate professional knowledge makes recommendations according to his gut feelings, contrary to all professional literature and international studies on the topic and guidance from official professional bodies in Israel and around the world.”

Former Likud Minister Ayoub Kara, who became the first Israeli-Druze to serve as an Israeli minister in 2017, also announced on Sunday that he is running in the Likud primaries.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. It reminds me of unvaccinated idiots who’ve been hospitalized for Covid and begging the doctors as they are dying just before they are intubated to give them the vaccine so they can live. The vaccine has been shown to provide a material degree of protection for young children from serious complications and death from Covid. Perhaps if his child or grandchild was sadly in the situation of many parents who have lived through the nightmare, he might have a different position.

  2. 💥MK Moshe Feiglin is correct, but he missed something. ALL PEOPLE should run from the vaccines like fire.
    The government is lying when they say that all Doctor’s are in agreement. Those are the doctors who have not done their own proper research, or who are too scared to speak up, or are bought off. But tens of thousands of doctors and scientists ARE speaking up bravely about the deadly dangers. They are managing to do this despite being censored and banned on almost every platform, and at risk of their careers and even lives.
    Check out these huge groups of doctors and what they say.
    PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY, use your own seichel that HaShem gave you for a reason. You don’t need a doctor to tell you things that you know yourself if you really think.

  3. The Health Ministry’s urging to obligate small children to be vaccinated is a heinous act Actually anyone refusing vaccination for themself or for their children is a heinous mass murderer of epidemic proportion
    Obviously no-one is Halachically allowed to vote for feigilin until such time that he repents his heinous statements & believes

  4. Reply to 147. Firstly. Great choice for you screen name. אין אלהים = 147 בגימטריה

    With your comment you truly show that you have no belief in G-d.

    Yet, you can make a פסק הלכה that anyone opposed to the “vaccine” is a ‘mass murderer of epidemic proportion.’ I think you meant to say epic proportions.

    When you become an independent epidemiologist, not beholden to anyone but the truth, will you then learn that the government and big business are not your friends.

    Your belief in בשר ודם shows no bounds.

    I wish you a רפואה שלמה.

  5. A zaken mamre, meisis, and medi’ach also believes they’re right. But they’re not, and it’s important that these kinds of people not be in positions to lead naive people to harmful ends.

  6. I wish 147 would explain how people ask refuse a dangerous vaccination that doesn’t work to prevent transmission of disease and in fact makes a person MORE likely to get the exact Virus it’s meant to prevent. So not only u are more likely to infect people but it also leads to faster mutations of the virus which means we All get sick more often
    Apparently 147 has no clue about anything other than what he sees on TV

  7. Interesting. So we generally cannot post links to government websites but its “ok” to post links to vaccine efficacy denial sites, some of marginal credibility and others totally whacko??

  8. TorahTruth613, You tell only half of the story. How many of these doctors listed are no longer with us (alive). I am talking about adults. Older adults should consult with their doctors. If he recommends to vaccinate you should get vaccinated. I agree children aren’t high risk and there is some risk of a reaction in every vaccine.

  9. 147
    Have you been paying attention?

    There are almost NO BENEFITS aim taking this vaccine (if you can call such) and it’s boosters and sub boosters and sub sub boosters, while the dangerous side effects are becoming clearer by the day.

    All the fools who boosted themselves to the brim are still being diagnosed with COVID

    Build you immune system (I know for some people it maybe hard to eat right, take some vitamins and exercise a little)

  10. What is silly is that we don’t need to get into a heated debate about the vaccine.

    At this point, it’s not important if the vaccine is really as safe as the medical community claims, or if there is truly a dark web of of lies and cover ups about terrible side effects.

    Either way, there’s NO REASON to give it to kids. According to the CDCs own documents, the minimal risk factors associated with the vaccine are higher than the theoretical risk to young children that Covid presents. Pretty much everyone had it already, omicron is far less dangerous than earlier strains, and kids get the sniffles for a few days max. The shot doesn’t stop them from giving it to others , and the vaccine won’t prevent future infection by future strains anyways.

    Common sense says it’s dumb to give your kids a shot that they don’t need. This should be something anyone can agree with.

  11. Someone is obviously lying (either 147, M, …or the rest). How to tell?

    HINT: The first time on record a govt official accused others of disinformation while guilty of it himself was the very first time word Sheker (shin, kuf, reish) appears in the Torah.

    As per some of the mefarshim, you could ONLY trust leadership on saying the truth only if their past predictions became absolutely true, and NEVER if they promulgated what turned out to be blatant lies (ie: virus came from a bat or penguelin, don’t treat early, vaxed won’t get covid, won’t spread covid, only path to achieve herd immunity, natural immunity is worse than jab, completely safe without any adverse events, …etc…vaiter bull ad ein sof – all of it on record BTW.)

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