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Has The Lev Tahor Cult Disbanded?

After years of wandering the world and many of its leaders being sent to prison, the Lev Tahor cult has essentially disbanded, three cult members told Kikar H’Shabbat.

According to the report, cult members are scatted in a number of countries around the world in recent months. A small number of members are still in Guatemala and are trying desperately to rehabilitate the cult.

Some cult members returned to Israel and have been seen on the streets of Jerusalem in recent days.

This past Friday, some cult members were also spotted in London buying food for Shabbos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “שמישהו יסביר לי למה מדינת ישראל פועלת במלוא העוצמה נגד ההגירה של כת הרשע של לב טהור לאיראן. הם והאייטולות זה זיווג מהשמיים.”

    Because they are our brothers.
    Misled, confused, corrupted – but still our brothers.

    Many Israeli Jews might CH”V compare all frum Yidden to the Ayatollahs. Nevertheless, one NEVER abandons a brother in a time of need. No matter what.

  2. Fake news, I live in Guatemala and Lev Tahor is very much alive here, they also have a smaller but well established group in Mexico with “Hanalah” members running that community there. Those who left for Europe were only a small group of around 30 members.

  3. I sure hope the victims of this cult can be rehabilitated into society and reunite with their families and try to undo the harm done to the kids

  4. Yehoshuaahron, that’s very interesting. What type of Jewish community is there in Guatemala? Is it Chabad? Ashkenaz? Sephardic? Are there a few different groups or mainly one? Do you have shuls, schools, yeshivas, kosher food?

  5. Rumors are floating around, that Ami magazine has hired some of the Lev Tahor leaders, to be editors and write weekly Dvar Torah’s for the magazine.
    Can’t wait.

  6. An I missing something here? Does anyone know what Torah this guy is referring too? Maybe they have an updated version Torah 2.0?

  7. @golfer
    Don’t be so quick to attack a Yid for his choice of residence. There are several Chabad centers in Guatemala with Kosher restaurants, mikvaos, etc. There is a nice Jewish community there, for business etc.

    צדקה עשה הקב”ה בישראל שפיזרן לבין האומות (פסחים פז,ב)

    @marbehshalom: Please try to live up to your name.

  8. @readynow if you look into what they did I don’t think you would say that unless you are currently in the cult yourself bec all former cult members say they abuse them etc. and how do you explain the kidnappings on shabbos which is a direct violation of shabbos (chillul shabbos)?

  9. Dear push-

    There is no kidnapping in Torah for a Jew taking his own children, you have not read that?
    Go do some study.

    Saving a life is obligatory even on Shabbos. The urgency of preventing spiritual damage is no less than preventing physical damage.

    Talk of abuse-just don’t, it is slander concocted by people who do not think Torah laws apply to themselves,
    It is evil slander.

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