Collection Authority Raids Chinuch Atzmai Office


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chaState collection agents on Sunday 25 Shevat 5774 raided an office of Chinuch Atzmai, confiscating computers and office machines. Agents of the court collection authority, Ho’tzaot L’Poel, arrived at the office on Adonaihu HaKohen in Yerushalayim. The raid and subsequent confiscation of equipment brought the office’s operations to an abrupt halt.

Chinuch Atzmai official Rabbi Tzvi Baumel tried everything he could to prevent court agents from confiscating equipment but it appears there was a judgment in the case of an employee owed a huge sum of money in back salary which led to the collection process. Officials were able to learn the raid was due to 200,000 NIS owed to the employee. Payment was made and the matter seems to be rectified.

Rabbi Baumel explained his office tried to pay the money as required but the person failed to furnish bank account information, delaying the transfer of the sum owed. The delay led to the judgment against Chinuch Atzmai.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)