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Chevron Yeshiva Employee Detained After Threatening an Attack

arrest1.jpgAn Arab former employee of the Chevron yeshiva in Geula has been detained by police after threatening to attack the yeshiva, apparently due to his dismissal.

Apparently he was released from employment after rabbonim called for not hiring Arabs after the Merkaz HaRav terror attack in March. While the yeshiva agreed with the ruling, they did not actually fire the Arab until the last attack, when Bulldozer terrorist Hussam Duwiyat, a Jerusalem resident, murdered three people on Jaffa Street. It appears however that he was not told that the attack was the reason for the dismissal, but he drew the conclusion nevertheless.

According to a number of students in the yeshiva, the Arab employee hailed the terrorist as a hero, hinting that he too may carry out an attack.

When he arrived at the building the following day, police were summoned and he was taken for questioning.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

7 Responses

  1. I might have done the same, in his position.

    Firing all Arabs (thereby creating hatred) because of the acts of 1 or 2 lunatics is not proportional.

    Would we want the US military to fire all Jews in the US military, because of what Jonathan Pollard and that other guy did?

    Tell me how that would be any different from us firing all Arabs because of what 2 of them did.

  2. A. Isn’t there a diff. between not hiring and firing? And why should he have been dismissed b/c of what another Arab did?

    B. “While the yeshiva agreed with the ruling, they did not actually fire the Arab until the last attack”

    Isn’t the ruling “not to hire” which is different than “firing”?

    I don’t get it?

  3. because all arabs are the same… they hate jews no matter what. they are animals and only want to do bad to jews-havent u guys seen? we hire arabs and pay them and with that money they fire at us. i dont feel bad for them. they are all the same

  4. to #4…”zill boser tammeh…” so you’ll under stand u

  5. #8

    Why don’t you argue the issue instead of calling people names? Should business stop hiring Jews b/c they’re often involved in g’neivah?

    And by the way why do you use Dr. Lamm’s name as your screen name?

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