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INDICTED: 3 Israelis, Including Cellcom Engineer, For Spying For Hamas

It was released for publication on Thursday by the Shin Bet, Israel Police and the State Prosecutor’s Office that three Israeli residents of the north were indicted for grave security offenses.

According to the indictment, one of the three worked at the Cellcom telecommunications company as a software engineer since 2004, and as part of his position received very broad access privileges to the company’s computer and information systems.

Due to his ideological identification with Hamas, the suspect met with Hamas officials about five years ago in Turkey and on their request, transferred sensitive information about communication infrastructures in Israel, to which he had access as part of his work. He did so with the goal of aiding Hamas to damage these infrastructures, mainly during war.

In 2021, the suspect met with a senior Hamas official, who asked for his assistance in gaining access to Cellcom’s computer and information systems.

The first suspect met with the second suspect in order to obtain information, among other things, about the weak points of the systems, while clarifying that the purpose of transferring the information is to enable Hamas to disrupt the activities of Cellcom during a war or military operation.

Since 2015, the two suspects have also conspired among themselves to disable various components of Cellcom’s computer and information system during a war or a military operation between Israel and Gaza.

In addition, a third suspect, the brother of one of the other two suspects, met with Hamas officials at least three times on his brother’s behalf.

The suspects’ names and other details have been placed under a gag order.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. This is exactly what Ben Gurion wanted. He said once in Parliament “we will be a country when we will produce our own prisoners”

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