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Arab Media: Barghouti & Sa’adat Release Being Discussed

B.jpgAccording to the London-based Arabic language al-Hayat newspaper, quoting senior unnamed Egyptian officials, talks towards obtaining the release of Gilad Shalit are ongoing between Israel and Hamas, with Israel having agreed to the release of Fatah Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti, who is currently serving multiple life sentences in an Israeli prison for his murderous activities.

Calls for the release of Popular Resistance Front Secretary-General Ahmed Sa’adat however were rejected by Israel. Sa’adat played a role in the assassination of Israel Minister of Tourism Rechavam Ze’evi, who was killed in a Jerusalem hotel on Oct. 17, 2001.

The report, which appears in other Arabic publications as well, states that Barghouti’s release has already been approved by Israel, one of the list of 70 terrorists that is not being disputed by Israel.

According to the UAE al-Bayan newspaper, the willingness by Israel to release Barghouti, and even Sa’adat, will not diminish Hamas’ insistence on the release of the 450 terrorists appearing on the original list given to Israel by Hamas. That number has since risen, now demanding Israel release 1,000 prisoners.

The report states that in stage one of an agreement, Israel will release 150 of the 450 terrorists on the Hamas list, at which time Shalit will be transferred to Egypt. Stage two calls for the release of an additional 300 terrorists and Shalit’s return home, which will be one-week following the implementation of the first stage.

The final stage compels Israel to then release an additional 550 terrorists, including females and children and some prisoners serving short sentences.

Arabic reports also speak of a heavy Italian involvement in ongoing talks. Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) on Tuesday morning quoting a senior source in the Prime Minister’s Office stated the reports are baseless.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Nutcases. why do the arabs always get the better deal? I think it is of utmost importance to get our soldier home, but not by freeing hundreds of arabs who will be out on the streets the next day killing some more of ours. Israel- this is not a solution, even though it costs you tons of money to keep these rashuim in your prisons.

    Your only teaching these crazy arabs a lesson that this works- give us back one, and we give you back many times more. They will automatically try to capture more yiddishe pple, so that arabs captives will ultimately be freed in order for us to get back our soldiers.
    What exactly are we gaining here? Isnt the loss here gonna be more than our gain.
    Send them all home DEAD!!!!!!!! One thousand of them!!!!!!

  2. #10 — interesting question. Which rabbi(s) should the Government ask?? Among many poseks there is a difference of opinion on this issue, especially when trading prisoners for kidnapped Jews (or their bodies as in this case) would only encourage more kidnappings. And since Israel seems just as willing to trade for corpses as it would live Jews, the terrorists have no incentive to keep their hostages alive. Also you have released terrorists who have proclaimed their intention to return to their old jobs.

    Certainly the Government is not going to ask the halachic opinion of a rav preferred by the settlers. And the Government is not likely to approach rabbis who have opposed Government conversion policies. Then, do they pick a Sephardi, a Chasid, or a Litvish rav, angering the other sides if they don’t hear their rav out. And then there are the chiloni who will correctly point out that never has the religious parties taken much interest in national security issues, so why involve them in it now? Most chiloni will just stam object to involving any rabbis in these decisions. In short, I see no way that the govt. is going to ask daas Torah for its opinion.

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