TROUBLE FOR BIBI: Defense Minister Gallant: “Judicial Reform Must Be Halted”

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. (Defense Ministry)

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant (Likud) delivered a statement to the media on Motzei Shabbos and called for a temporary halt to the judicial reform legislation.

“In the last few weeks, something dramatic has occurred,” Gallant said. “I meet the commanders and the soldiers and I hear the voices coming from the field – and I’m worried. The events taking place in Israeli society don’t skip over the IDF. The source of our strength is eroding. I’m saying in the clearest way possible – the rift is penetrating the IDF and the security agencies…this is a clear, immediate and tangible danger to the security of the state. I will not lend my hand to this.”

Gallant added: “I’m a right-wing person, a member of the Likud movement, I believe in its principles and am committed to its values, which place the State of Israel above all else. We need a change in the judicial system. The fabric of relations between the judiciary and the government and the Knesset requires balance, this will strengthen democracy and increase public trust. But major national changes must be made via dialogue.”

Gallant called for the legislation to be suspended until after Yom Ha’Atzmaut: “At this time we must halt the process so that we can sit down and talk.”

Gallant was scheduled to speak to the press on Thursday evening but canceled the press conference after meeting with Netanyahu. Gallant told Netanyahu during the meeting that since he is responsible for the security establishment, he must ensure that the army is in top shape. Gallant is also concerned about how Israel’s enemies are interpreting what is happening in the country and by the significant damage to Israel’s political and security relations with the US, Europe, and Gulf states.

Netanyahu asked Gallant to allow him several days to come up with a solution. Meanwhile, Netanyahu held a press conference and confirmed that the judicial reform will continue.

It should be noted that Netanyahu, currently on his way back from London, was not in the country when Gallant spoke to the media.

Agriculture Minister Avi Dichter also made a statement on Motzei Shabbos calling for the judicial reform to be suspended until after Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Likud MKs Dovid Bitan and Yuli Edelstein previously made statements supporting the suspension of the reform.

If all four Likud members mentioned above refuse to vote in favor of the reform, the coalition will lack the majority of 61 votes to advance the legislation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. There are many elements of the judidicalreforms that should be adopted but others are extremely problematic. He is correct to call “time out” and encourage discussions using President Herzog’s template as a starting point.

  2. Dear DM Gantz
    You should resign NOW rather than talking publicly about the chaos and anarchy taking place.

    You sir are Part of the problem and and an instigator who are absolutely incompetent to run a army while EU and NGOs are importing and paying for Anarchist and Left using uniform flags handed out to them by Anarchist and noisemakers.
    Take a hick and Please shut the hell up.

    If you are unable to do that, sir, and side with the opposition, you are in dereliction of your duty therefore incompetent to be DM.

    You are a part of the the problem now just as is AG and those who want to submissiveness from people and rule and power.
    Are you a foreign media agent? and want more money?
    Isn’t 80 years of citizen submission enough?
    Is it not enough that you use citizen army and put them in harms way for your ZIONIST IDEA?
    Take a hike sir
    We had enough of anarchy.

  3. The hard reality is that the rich and powerful MINORITY has the last word since they got the money and control the economy. That is true is many other countries. While most frum (Hareidi or “modern”), or nationalists, complain that the Israeli Supreme Court thinks it is the “Privy Council” which rules the country and can ignore the will of the majority, to the elites in charge, that is a “feature” not a “bug”. Though perhaps Israel should stop claiming to be a democracy, since in a democracy the people decide by majority votes. Israeli is an oligarchy and the oligarchs are the rich, secular, left-wing Ashkenazim of the zionist movement who drove the Brits out and defeated the Arabs.

  4. he wasn’t photographed eating lobster.

    the dude who was photographing was eating lobster.

    we don’t know what he was eating or if he ate anything at all.

  5. Amil: Please don’t spread lashon horah. Either he had a heter or the lobster had a good hashgacha. Its bit a tough week for him and he is entilted to menuchas shabbos w/o having his actions second guessed.

  6. The Likud Government’s pretty stupid. All they have to do was say: They’re copying the United States democracy where the Federeal Judiciary (Lower curcuits & Supreme Court) does not make up the laws but rather only interprets their scope of breach & enforcement. That would’ve been the end of the story.
    Since the US is the poster child for world democracy, no one would have any claim whatsoever – certainly not the Biden Administration and State Department interfering morons.

    Leave it to Bibi the “smart idiot” to screw everything up again. Iran, Pfizer Guinie pigs & draconian economy killing response, and now this. The other recent PMs are even worse “plain idiots”.

  7. all this is from above…..Bibi can eat what he wants…..he doesn’t claim to be what most people do….he is real….sorry….DEFENSE MINISTER….do you job..

  8. There is no photo nor video of him eating lobster; watch it carefully and then watch your words.
    Yes, there are other issues that are not right about “that” video but no need to make things worse than they are.

  9. I misspelled DM name.
    DM Gallant.
    Nevertheless He since then he is still putting his nose into something that is NOT in his job description.
    That’s why we need Judicial Reform so that street sweepers or the AG can not dictate to the PM foreign policy.