NEW: Interstate Chaveirim Launches App To Assist Stranded Drivers Around The U.S.


Since its inception, Chaverim Organizations have been at the forefront of the Chesed empire. True to its name and its goal, Chaverim serves as a devoted and capable friend to Yidden in need of assistance at any time of the day or night. Whatever the season – be it Erev Shabbos, Motzei Shabbos, Erev Yom Tov or Motzei Yom Tov – Chaverim is always ready to help every Yid.

Most Jewish communities across the world boast their own Chaverim branch providing a range of services to the community members with dedication, selflessness and expertise. Chaverim is the phone number to call for traveling emergencies, weather-related emergencies, lockouts and unforeseen circumstances.

Interstate Chaverim is an extension of the local Chaverim branches, it is essentially a network of members hailing from existing Chaverim Organizations in order to serve stranded travelers in towns, interstate highways or cities not covered by an existing branch. Whenever a local branch receives a call from a traveler stranded in an area not covered by the organization, the call gets transferred to Interstate Chaverim’s team of experienced dispatchers who are trained to help and guide callers. With a large database of volunteers, Interstate Chaverim will do their best to get a volunteer to respond to the call. Even when there is no member nearby, they will provide the resources necessary to resolve the issue safely and efficiently.

With Hashem’s help Interstate Chaverim is now launching the Chaverim Assist app to further enable travelers to access the wealth of knowledge and help from Chaverim.

How is the app designed to help stranded travelers?

  1. The simple Tap To Call option will automatically connect you to the local Chaverim in the area where you are. Travelers are usually unaware of the many Chaverim branches they pass on the way. This feature will pinpoint your exact location using your phone’s GPS and find the closest Chaverim branch.
  2. Since people don’t anticipate road trouble, they don’t come equipped with phone numbers. The App will connect you directly to Chaverim, no phone numbers needed.
  3. The app will show you your current address as well as your precise latitude and longitude so that you can easily share it with the dispatcher.
  4. If you require assistance anywhere in the U.S. where there is no nearby Chaverim branch, the app will connect you with Interstate Chaverim.
  5. The Chaverim Assist app works worldwide, in any country which has an existing established Chaverim. Wherever your travels take you, Chaverim is there with you!

Don’t wait for trouble to strike. Download the app today. Help is just a click away.

The Chaverim Assist App is a project of Interstate Chaverim.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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    The Rebb forbids smart phone.
    He obviously he doesn’t have one but the layer’s around him have have so it won’t effect him personally,
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    Ferlich Pesach
    Just one thing to remember, dust is not chametz.