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WATCH: Leftist Protesters Use Antisemitic Tropes In Protest Outside Goldknopf’s Home

Leftist “Brother in Arms” protesters gathered on Tuesday morning near the home of Housing Minister Yitzchak Goldknopf in the Geulah neighborhood of Jerusalem in order to arouse provocations.

In a shameful display of age-old antisemitic tropes, the protesters scattered hundreds of fake 200 shekel bills in protest against the government that “robs the public purse and scatters coalitions funds.” This is the second time that Brothers in Arms scattered bills in protests against Chareidim, with the first time occurring in a protest outside Aryeh Deri’s home in March.

In videos of a conversation recorded by Kikar H’Shabbat, one Chassidish man who tried to speak to the protesters was told by a woman: “You’re not Jews, you don’t serve in the army you’re mechallel Hashem, you distort the Torah.”

The Chassid surprised her by responding: “What have I done to you? I served in the army for three years. Why aren’t I a Jew? Tell me. You feed on the lies they tell you. I’m Chassidish and I grew up as a Chassid.” The Chassid added that he supports 27 families.

Another protester responded: “You’re a good man, I love you but not your politicians.”

Chassid: “We love you. You hate me because I look like a Jew. I never came to protest against you – why are you coming here?”

The protest was widely condemned for its antisemitic tone and hypocrisy.

Journalist Yisrael Cohen wrote: “Hypocrites! Tel Aviv protesters came this morning to demonstrate in front of the house of Minister Yitzchak Goldknopf. Apparently, they forgot that Lapid and Lieberman agreed to give the Chareidim a billion shekels just for the abstention of two MKs from one vote.”

Cohen was referring to a Kan News report on Monday evening that revealed that during the Bennett-Lapid government, then-prime minister Bennet and Lapid, along with then-finance minister Avigdor Lieberman, offered over a billion shekels to the Chareidi parties if they would help the government pass the state budget.

Media personality Meir Freilichman wrote: “Hey ‘brothers’ – Jews and money is so 1930s, we’re already more modern today.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

2 Responses

  1. It’s ridiculous to call this antisemitic. This has nothing to do with Jews and money! It’s a political party using political power to get funds for their voters. The people against this have a right to protest since they feel that it is utterly unfair. They can protest by throwing money. If people were upset at Israeli supermarkets price hiking and protested by throwing money, woulld that be antisemitic because “bruh, money and Jews”? It’s really watering down what antisemitism actually means to call it that.

  2. Dan the
    You could say the same thing about the Nazis.

    The hate the charedim not because of the military, or any of that stuff.
    That’s just an excuse.
    They hate them for the same reason everyone hated Jews.

    And btw, the only reason the charedim don’t go to the army, is because they don’t hold of the state.
    Even though nowadays they do, but the old way continues.

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