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IDF Responds To Gunfire From Syria Aimed At Military Drone

IDF tank fired into Syrian territory with machine guns on Wednesday afternoon in response to gunfire from southern Syria aimed at an IDF drone along the border.

The IDF said that there was no damage to the drone, which successfully completed its reconnaissance mission and landed safely.

The IDF last week dropped flyers in Syrian territory near the Israeli border warning soldiers from aiding Hezbollah operatives in the area.

On Tuesday, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi HaLevi spoke about the threat to Israel on its northern border, saying: “Iran uses Syria as a potential war zone with Israel. We are not indifferent to this. I would remind Bashar al-Assad of one very interesting fact: the countries that stayed close to Iran failed. If he wants to rebuild after the civil war, let him take that into account.”

Halevi also spoke about Hezbollah, saying: “Hezbollah is very deterred from an all-out war against Israel but it thinks it understands how we think. This thought brings it to brazenly challenge us in scenarios where it will not lead to war. I see this as a good way to create surprises if necessary.”

“We have good preparedness in the northern arena but a campaign will be difficult on the homefront. We’ll know how to deal with it but it will be difficult. It will be seven times harder for Lebanon, and even more so for Hezbollah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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