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IDF To Ignore Resumption Of Army Refusal Calls

The practice of threatening army refusal due to opposition to the elected government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has resumed amid a public campaign by leftists calling on reservists to refuse call-up orders.

However, following the previous uproar over IDF reservist pilots who threatened not to obey call-up orders which didn’t result in one actual refusal, the IDF has decided that it will only react to actual cases of failure to show up to a call for service – including training and operational activities, and not to threatening letters or petitions.

On Monday, 80 reservists from special operations units, Unit 8200, and the medical corps announced that they will cease their volunteer service if the government does not immediately cease the legal reform legislation.

The announcement claimed that “the top brass of the coup regime is calling for the execution of pilots, reservists, the attorney-general and the president of the Supreme Court. They call us nests of terror and support the erasure of villages (ie, burning people alive). Therefore, this regime is not legitimate and does not deserve our volunteerism and obedience. For months, this regime has been causing enormous and long-term damage to the motivation of the best to volunteer for sensitive units in IDF intelligence, the Shin Bet and Mossad. Without democracy, there will be no army, no security, and that will be the end of the State of Israel. We will defend democracy with our souls and bodies, in a non-violent way.”

Over the weekend, about 300 military doctors in active reserves announced that any unilateral move by the government regarding the reform’s legislation will lead to the termination of their volunteer reserve service.

The reports of army refusal should be read with a grain of salt. Over 8,500 reservists opposed to the calls for army refusal signed a letter asking Netanyahu, President Herzog, and the heads of the security systems to launch an investigation into the phenomenon.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. Funny, or maybe not so funny.

    Democracy is always a one sided argument. When the left wins an election, it’s always about supporting democracy and the right of the people to vote in those who support their causes. When the right wins, it’s about racism, fascism and the government forcing its own will against the people.

    Interesting, isn’t it? How the left routinely uses the courts to push its agenda, sidestepping the very democracy they claim to support. And therein lies the problem. If the courts become democratized, the left has nothing to push its agenda due to the right winning a large ELECTORAL victory.

    It’s not about democracy. It never has been. This fight is about the socialists losing the ability to forcibly control the people and they are losing their minds and will literally do anything to stop it. They will call for violence against their brethren, they will put the country’s security at risk, they will even call for the end to the very country they claim they love so much.

    Such is the way of people who believe is socialism: it’s a religion, not a political stance.

  2. This will make it much harder for them to persecute Hareidim who refuse to serve in the army. It establishes that the IDF’s primary duties involve politics and social control, nor defending the country – and certainly not pikuach nefesh.

  3. Mistake not to prosecute the leftist moles and inciters.
    Information gathered on the inciters by police and Shabak and remaining silent is not worth the rot in the system.
    Shabak and police heads just as judges are extreme leftist who allow for two tire systems for maintenaning power just like deep state of FBI.

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