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DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: Armed Civilian In Tel Aviv Stops Terrorist Dead In His Tracks

In what is the latest instance of an armed civilian stopping a threat dead in its tracks, an armed civilian in Tel Aviv shot and killed the terrorist who rammed and stabbed pedestrians Tuesday morning.

The terror attack was caught on security footage, and as can be seen below, the animal who carried it out was dead within a minute, thanks to a passerby packing heat. It is important to note that the terrorist would have likely injured many more people had the armed civilian not stepped in.

In a world where the debate over gun ownership and concealed carry rages, it is necessary to look at real-life examples of whether armed civilians is indeed a positive thing – and today’s events are a perfect illustration of it.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir at the scene says the armed man who shot dead the terrorist in Tel Aviv is further proof of the importance of arms-bearing civilians.

“I call on those who meet the requirements – carry firearms with you.”

Disclaimer: Some viewers may find the below video of the terror attack disturbing.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

14 Responses

  1. Considering he shot him several times while he was already down and disarmed, In America he would be tried for murder
    I wonder if the will treat him as a hero or arrest him

  2. i know, but anyhow, why the actual video has to be put up on a Jewish site is unsettling.
    It desensitizes us to such scenes and is vulgar.
    if something like that has to be done ok. but we don’t need to see the live footage of it happening.
    remember, nebach Hashem also created him and he unfortunately chose a savage and animalistic way to life, but whatever…

  3. 1) Chief Terrorists instigator Achmad Tibi is now deputy speaker of Kenest.
    2) while Jews were fighting the Terrorists in Jennin the Am Amratizim Terrorists Zionists were blocking were violently blocking entry to Ben Gourion Airport.
    Which terrorists organization is more dangerous to the Jewish state? The State Department, Biden handler’s, EU, Or Lapid Ben Lapid the Convert and Chief BDS spokesperson?

  4. The video of the stabbing desensitizes and shouldn’t be watched (unless you want to make a case that it will make people be more careful, but that’s far-fetched).
    The video of the terrorist being killed is a mitvah to watch; it is important to train ourselves to have no rachmanus for oyvei yisroel, otherwise we may become guilty of being meracheim al ha’achzari’im… and we know that ends with cruelty to good people. Even altz maaseh yadai, lechoireh there was still no reason to be meracheim on them or not be happy… simply not to sing shira….
    I am petrified for the eliminator, because the resha’im will see that video and say he didn’t need to fire those last shots… oy! I wish him Hatzalacha! Let us not be Sodom, for goodness’s sake!

  5. he’s a terrorist/scum/murderer yes but remains tzelem elokim and that video should be removed. this is not our way

  6. In the video itself, he never actually shot the guy….
    He was threatening, but he never actually shot again after the video started

  7. @125 st. What video did you watch? He clearly shot the guy 3 or 4 times. You can see the recoil and the impact, never mind the women’s reaction each time. That being said, the terrorist deserved it (he knew that’s how his day would end anyway). And remember the guy in the helmet who shot the terrorist just witnessed him ramming into people, then wildly stabbing a guy. The shooter acted accordingly.

  8. The terrorist initially still had a knife, and was still moving after it was kicked away from him. Given the potential threat that (a) he could have had another weapon on him, or (b) he could have tried to retrieve the one that he’d previously had, there’s a good argument that the additional shots were justified.

    an Israeli Yid

  9. @Yashar,
    I understand your point, but you must agree, from our side of things irrelevant to what the story is, is that we get used to scenes of shootings and killings (irrelevant of whether it needed to be done or not), which is not a Jewish way.
    We could discuss it educate, and even talk about that it was right to do what was done, that it was a kiyum of הבא להורגך השכם להורגו, but to watch the actual video leaves a mark on the emotions and mental state of the person which is not good.
    Remember that many goyim in the USA/UK etc do violent acts after watching violent content. not that that is what this video will bring us to ch”v, just that it desensitizes us to such scenes.

  10. @pure_yiddishkeit: I hear what you’re saying. I used to think exactly that. More recently, I’ve leaned towards the outlook I delineated above. I’m not sure. Meaning, the reason I hear a tzad to watch the video of the terorrist being killed is that, listen, we are plagued by a constant onslaught of liberal hashkafos; I think just hearing that it is proper to kill terrorists does not necessarily do enough to uproot the liberal misplaced rachmanus we may subconsciously pick up from our surrounding culture… and in order to fully uproot any such subconsciously acquired krumkeit, I wonder if we should indeed even allow ourselves to become desensitized for the sake of actively training our psyches not to be meracheim on achzari’im.
    Again, I’m really not sure. It’s a shikul hada’as for da’as Torah.
    Do you hear my point, though?

  11. @Yashar,
    i think i agree with you.
    especially to uproot liberal acceptance to terrorists, but as you say it’s a shikul hadaas for daas torah.

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