Thursday AM News Briefs from Eretz Yisrael


ywnisrael.israel· Ichud Hatzalah: A Jerusalem municipal gardener is in moderate condition after being struck in his head with a branch from a tree he was pruning.

· The IDF is fortifying its ground, artillery and aerial forces along the border to Syria, particularly in the Har Dov area.

· Another state compelled expulsion of homes in Migron is in the planning.

· Authorities recovered a M-16 assault rifle in the home of an Anata resident. The 44-year-old resident was arrested.

· The smell of gas in a Kiryat Arba commercial center led to the evacuation of the area. Two nearby kindergartens and an apartment building were also evacuated.

· A father and two sons from Azariya are suspected of firing at Bituach Leumi employees a few days ago. They turned themselves into police today.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)