Israel: Finance Minister Looking to Cut NIS 200 Million from Yeshivos


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Finance Minister Roni Bar-On is looking for approval for a NIS 200 million cut in the 2009 budget. The cut would come from funds supporting the nation’s yeshivos.

The news of the planned cut was announced in a press event held on Tuesday morning, at which time Bar-On announced some of planned budgetary cuts for the coming fiscal year.

Making things worse for religious services in Israel, the minister is suggesting that some of the religious councils be closed — another cost-saving measure. He suggests that in municipalities with less than 10,000 residents the responsibility for religious services be taken from the local religious councils and placed in the lap of local municipalities.

If passed, the minister of religious services would be compelled to order the closure of the religious councils in those areas within 30 days.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


    Those who are interested in facts on the ground, will not get it from this piece. The 2008 budget has reduced greatly monies to DEFENSE (can you imagine at this time, when Hizbollah is ready to attack, Hamas’s tunnels are bringing in tanks, rockets and armed cars, terrorism among Israeli arabs is on the rise..), to the ELDERLY (Eitan of the Pensioner Party has threatened to leave the coalition due to the cutting of aid to the Elderly in monthly funds, medical and pharmacial needs), to SOCIAL WELFARE (One parent families, terror victims, disabled soldiers, special need individuals,’Kids at risk’ mentor programs, etc.)& from our holy YESHIVOS and child allowances.
    We fall into the trap of concentrating on our needs and our needs only, that is not ‘Darchei Hashem’.

  2. A) This site is after all called “The Yeshiva World” and therefore logically concentrates on how news affects yeshivos.

    B) Talmud Torah Kineged Kulam and without Torah no matter how much money you spend on defense of Israel, without Torah everything will be in danger, R’L.