Photos: Los Angeles Welcomes Rav Ausband of Yeshiva of Telz Alumni


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u.jpg(Click HERE for photos) Harav Avrohom Ausband, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva of Telshe Alumni of Riverdale, NY spent Shabbos Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av with the Los Angeles Community of Hancock Park.

On Shabbos Parashas Masei, the Rosh Hayeshivah gave the shabbos morning derasha immediately after Shacharis and before laining at Shaarei Torah, whose mara dasra, Rabbi Nechemia Langer welcomed the Rosh Hayeshiva.

He then delivered the shabbos derasha after Kerias Hatorah at the Young Israel of Hancock Park where he was introduced by Rabbi Meyer May.

And finally the Rosh Hayeshiva was the guest speaker Shabbos afternoon before Mincha at Kehillas Yaakov, whose Rov is Rabbi Gershon Bess, the noted posek for the Los Angeles Community.

The Sunday evening gathering for the Yeshiva began promptly at 7:45 pm with mincha and the program began at 8pm sharp. Although not a Telzer by birth it appears that Rabbi May likes to stick to a schedule and have things running on time.
Rabbi Meyer May, Executive Director of the Wiesenthal Center and host of the evening, welcomed all those who came to support the Yeshiva of Telz Alumni.
In introducing the Rosh Hayeshivah, Rabbi May pointed out that the Los Angeles Community has connections to many yeshivos and that we connect to the numerous mekomei torah through our Community Rabbanim, Mechanchim and mishpochos whose roots connect to places like Lakewood, Mir, Telz, Torah Vodaath and many more.

And while the Yeshivah of Telz Alumni of Riverdale is across the country many families and their children connect with this yeshivah. Rabbi May concluded by saying that it is 13 years that they have been hosting the gatherings on behalf of the Yeshiva and will do so for many years to come.
The Rosh Hayeshiva rose and began by thanking Michael Kest who extended his home to the Rosh Hayeshiva during his annual visits and to Rabbi May who arranges these yearly gatherings.
Harav Ausband then jumped into his derasha by discussing an insight into the gemara in Yuma that discusses and explains the reasons for the destruction of the bayis reishon and sheini.

“Why was the bayis sheini destroyed? ” says the gemara,  “it was because of “sinas chinum.”
The gemara goes on to say that sinas chinum is equal to “the big three”, giloy arayos, shfichas damim, and avodah zarah .

Yet Sinas chinum does not require giving up your life as the three other sins do.

So how is it equal?
To understand what the gemara means it is necessary to understand that there are two ways to measure a chet.
1) the seriousness of the offense.
2) The destructive power of the offense.
Sinas chinum is very powerful. It destroys the person and the community and klal Yisroel as a whole for it eats away at the fiber of Yisroel. When we talk about the churban we are not only talking of the greatness of the sin but the power of the sin.
What is the source of sinas chinum? The Yerushalmi in Moed Katan states:
“Why was bayis shei destroyed?
Because of tzarus ayin.  Eyin ra.” And it has a power to destroy.
The Rosh Hayeshivah went on to say that the Gemara in Baba metzia kuf zayin amud beis states, “Hashem will remove all sickness from you” Amar Rav “this is ayin ra”
Says rashi, “all sickness that comes to a person starts from an ayin ra”
Rav went on to say that, “Most of the people in the beis hakivaros died earlier than they should have because of ayin hara.
The Rosh Hayeshiva stressed in his divrei chizuk that while the destruction of the bayis sheini was due to “sinas chinum” unwarranted hatred, the source of that unwarranted hatred was “ayin ra.” or “evil eye,” More specifically, ill-will, envy, and selfishness.

Quoting from various gemaras, Harav Ausband showed the damaging power of an “ayin ra,” and how it can be the source of great destructiveness. We therefore should concentrate on developing our “ayin tova” So that the tova will bring beracha to us and to others.

(Article and photos by: by Rabbi Arye D. Gordon)