KILLER’S NEST: IDF Publishes Footage From Inside Al Shifa Hospital, Evidence Of Hamas Being Inside [MUST SEE VIDEO]


Following its storming of the al-Shifa hospital complex in the northern Gaza late Tuesday night, the Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday published video and photo evidence that the hospital was being used by Hamas to carry out its nefarious activities.

“During searches inside one of the hospital’s wards, the troops located a room containing unique technological means, combat equipment, and military equipment used by the Hamas terrorist organization,” the IDF said.

Members of the IDF’s elite Shaldag unit and other forces of the 36th Division recovered Hamas weaponry from inside the hospital, including assault rifles, grenades, and other military equipment.

Additionally, Israeli soldiers found Hamas uniforms thrown in a heap on the floor, allowing the terrorist fighters to escape the hospital while posing as civilians. “These findings unequivocally prove that the hospital was used for terror, in complete violation of international law,” IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said in an evening news conference.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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  2. Needless to say that the Hamas spokesman will tell news reporters that as the Israelis didn’t film their findings as they happened, the stuff was planted there by them just to incriminate Hamas. Those who want to believe them will swallow the lies to continue their hatred … until exactly the same things happen to them. Then they will be forced to admit that the Israelis were telling the truth although then it will be too late to do anything about it as they will be blasted to bits, except for one or two reporters who have some zechut that they live to tell the tale.

  3. Sure enough the BBC has published:
    at 21:22 today:
    Hamas claims Israeli military planted weapons found at hospital
    Earlier we showed you photos released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) which it said showed Hamas weapons it found during its operation on the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza – although neither the BBC nor other media were present at the site.
    Bassem Naim, a senior Hamas official, said the Israeli military’s update is “ridiculous and worthless” adding that Hamas could not rule out that Israel’s army “brought weapons and put them in the Al-Shifa complex”.
    He said Israel’s goal is to “pressure” hospitals and medical centres and to displace Gaza’s population – adding that 25 hospitals in the territory are now out of service through “bombing, siege and destruction”.
    Hamas has denied claims it operates from within the hospital. The BBC can’t independently verify the claims made by either side.

  4. cmon really now bklyn trucker and why’s that the casecan u maybe please explain urself already and what more evidence do u maybe need 2 prove ur point 2 the world or have u even gone mad 2 even say such a thing now are u maybe jewish 2 even say such things like that have u lost ur mind or are blind or sick in the head or even living in the fake world now who are u even kidding u must be joking as ur writing this 2day cmon please let the idf continue in doing the gr8 job they are doing now till the very end and hope iyh with hashem’s help they will succeed in getting rid of hamas 4 once and 4 always

  5. From this morning’s radio news it sounds like BBC have sheepishly retracted from their arrogant stance and did a report on air about what their reporter saw in the hospital AS THEY WENT IN WITH THE IDF! Typically English, first stir up the trouble, generate more hatred, then issue the apology that they had ready before they began! Let’s see how this pans out … or gets buried as usual.

  6. Ms Spitzer, Coney Island hospital and others have police stations in their hospital. In the eyes of the world, that doesn’t make it a hamas headquarters.