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At Least 10 Hostages Were Assaulted In Captivity, Israeli Doctor Says

A meeting took place on Tuesday between members of the war cabinet and members of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, which represents some of the relatives of hostages being held in Gaza.

Some of the released hostages attended the meeting and some provided disturbing testimony about the abuse they were subject to in Gaza, including sexual abuse. Additionally, the female hostages attested that the male hostages are being held in much worse conditions than the women were.

Sadly, the members of the war cabinet said that currently there are no options on the table for further hostages to be released, with the military operations in Gaza the only hope of applying pressure for another deal.

An AP report on Wednesday quoted a doctor who treated some of the released hostages. He told AP that at least 10 men [teens] and women who were freed were sexually assaulted or abused. He did not provide further details.

Fifteen female hostages remain in captivity in Gaza.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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