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For 5th Day: Israeli Protesters Block Humanitarian Aid From Entering Gaza

Israelis held a protest at the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza for the fifth day in a row on Sunday.

The protesters, who blocked humanitarian aid trucks from entering Gaza, included relatives of hostages being held in Gaza, relatives of soldiers killed in Gaza, reservists released from active duty in Gaza, and Israelis evacuated from their homes on Israel’s southern and northern borders.

Kan News reported that after four days of protesters preventing trucks from entering Gaza, IDF soldiers and police officers on Sunday morning thwarted the protesters from reaching the crossing and several trucks drove into the Gaza Strip. Eventually, the protesters reached the crossing and blocked it, preventing more trucks from entering.

The Tzav 9 organization, which organizes the protests said that “hundreds of people arrived at the crossing to block the aid convoy for Hamas. There are very large forces preventing us from reaching the site and are allowing the trucks to pass through to the murderous terrorist organization. Our struggle will continue with full determination without any violence against our dear security forces. No aid will go through until all the hostages are returned.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu mentioned the protests at Kerem Shalom in his press conference on Motzei Shabbos, saying: “Without minimal humanitarian aid, we won’t be able to fulfill the goals of the war.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. Providing “humanitarian” supplies to Hamas while they hold over 100 Jewish hostages is cruel and wicked.

    Kol haKavod to the protestors who are thwarting the Hamas terrorist lovers in the White House and the UN who threaten Bibi to surrender to Hamas.

  2. This is the most helpful protest that the families can do to help their loved ones kidnapped in Gaza.

    The Israeli government caved into the Biden administration’s demands that they feed the enemy, it’s the most evil thing one can do. Instead of pressuring Hamas by weakening them, they support and feed them.

    עולם הפוך ראיתי

    Watch all the חכמי חלם explain the benefits of feeding the enemy.

  3. Great!!! That’s the way to do it!! Starve them out. Let their moslem buddies take care of them. No more treating them like humans – THEY’RE NOT!!

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