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Rabbonim: Do Not Support Resorts that Desecrate the Shabbos

The Rabbinical Committee for Kedushas Shabbos in Israel has released a proclamation reminding vacationers during the ben hazmanim vacation period to avoid visiting and supporting resorts that are not Shomer Shabbos.

People wishing to make inquiries may take advantage of the committee’s information number, 02-640-0160, which operates 24 hours a day. The committee is trying to keep the hotline information current, constantly updating the database with information regarding vacation resorts.

The rabbonim feel that if chareidi vacationers are stringent in their adherence to supporting only Shomer Shabbos resorts, more attractions will undertake to close on Shabbos, realizing the potential fiscal gain by such a move.

One warning issued by rabbonim pertains to Kfar Blum, which presents itself as suitable for the chareidi public, but in essence, the attraction is not Shomer Shabbos and should not be patronized. In its adverts, Kfar Blum shows chareidim enjoying the resort, which can easily mislead unsuspecting vacationers.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

7 Responses

  1. Conversly for a portion of the secular population, this is a good thing. Don’t forget tha the some chilonim hate chareidim as much as the some chareidim hate chilonim. A chareidi boycott of non shomer Shabbat resorts just might improve business in those resorts

  2. The Rabbinical Committee for Kedushas Shabbos in Israel? Who is that? is that all that is needed nowadays, for a bunch of people to put together an official sounding name, and we are supposed to go along with it? Listen, what they are doing might be fine, and perhaps great, but maybe putting names of rabbonim with this report would make it mean something.

  3. Is that all their worried about? What about desecrating the laws of Tznius, Kashrus, general Ruach etc…? One has to ask himself, is this a good place for a Ben Torah to be?

  4. And why are people wasting their time and money on these resorts.

    Why don’t they seek out places they have shiurim for the men and boys and suitable skill classes for the women and girls.

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