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CHASDEI HASHEM: Hezbollah Promised Sinwar To Join Oct. 7 Assault, Sent Radwan Forces To Border

Documents that the IDF recently found in the Gazan city of Khan Younis reveal that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar received a commitment from Hezbollah that it would open another front in the north at the same time as the Hamas assault, Yediot Achranot reported on Wednesday morning.

As soon as the dimensions of the terrible Oct. 7 massacre became clear, the greatest fear of Israeli security officials was that Hezbollah would launch a war in the north and try to conquer the Galil – a long-standing plan that Hezbollah has been training for years and even named “Conquer The Galil.”

The documents seized by the IDF in Gaza reveal that Sinwar planned for exactly such a scenario and according to him, even received a commitment from Hezbollah for it.

In the document, revealed by Yediot, Sinwar wrote to Hamas members: “We received a commitment that the axis of resistance [Iran and its proxies, including Hezbollah] will share in the great liberation project due to the nature of the relationship we’re working on.”

In additional seized documents, Sinwar reiterates the commitment he received that the Hamas massacre in the south will be followed by a parallel operation in the north – i.e. Hezbollah terrorists infiltrating Israeli yishuvim near the border, chalilah, while taking hostages and using them as human shields.

But b’Chasdei Shamayim, this scenario did not occur – Iran and Hezbollah let Sinwar down. Although Hezbollah did advance small battalions of its elite Radwan forces to the border and prepared them for an imminent invasion, no order to invade was given since the exact timing of the Hamas assault was unknown. And even after reports of the Hamas assault spread and its success became clear, in the first critical hours, the IDF sent a large number of forces to the border that prevented the effective implementation of the evil plan.

Later, in the wake of US intervention and warnings, Hezbollah only launched a “minor” assault on Israel, opening fire at IDF posts and yishvuim near the border.

However, according to an Israeli source, there was another reason Hezbollah failed to carry out its plan. The source claimed to Ynet that Hezbollah was ready to immediately launch an all-out war in the north but was restrained by Iran.

Iran, which invested in Hezbollah’s arsenal and capabilities at a cost of billions of dollars a year and was aware that Israel would respond with great force to a war in the north, did not want it “wasted” on aiding Hamas, wanting to preserve it to intervene in the case of an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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