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WATCH: Israeli Police Beat Protestor With Horse Reins

According to reports from Hebrew media, the Department of Internal Police Investigations has initiated an inquiry following footage from anti-government protests in Tel Aviv last night.

The video depicts a mounted officer using the reins of his horse to violently strike a protester, causing the individual to fall to the ground while clutching their head. The officer continued to ride past as the scene unfolded.

The clashes, which occurred on Kaplan Street opposite the Kirya army base, marked the most intense confrontations since the outbreak of war on October 7th. The incident led to 21 arrests and resulted in several injuries.

But as history has shown, nothinf ever happens to the violent action of Israel Police.

For example, in 2019, Police violently beat an autistic Chareidi child on a public street. The child was bleeding profusely from his face, and the entire incident was captured on video.

There was outrage across the political spectrum in Israel. Even Yair Lapid came to the defense of this poor special needs autistic child.

But nothing ever happend to the officers.

The Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations Unit “probed the matter”, and decided “there is insufficient evidence to support allegations of brutality or unjustifiable force.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. When troops are fighting and dying in the field there is no room for instigators making trouble from within. I applaud the police for taking these tough measures against treason.

  2. Truth is, if my brother, brother in law or son would be fighting in Gaza I’d also be brutal towards these left-wing traitors. These deranged people don’t care about the lives of their own people and these protests are infuriating, the way they put Israel, which is fighting for the security of it’s people, in very bad light.

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