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IDF: Oz Daniel, H’YD, Was Murdered By Hamas, Body Held Captive in Gaza

The IDF announced on Sunday that Sgt. Oz Daniel, H’yd, a 19-year IDF soldier who has been missing since October 7th, has been declared a fallen soldier whose body is being held captive by Hamas in Gaza.

Daniel, z’l, who served on the Gaza border was killed as he battled Hamas terrorists on October 7th. His body was abducted to Gaza.

In recent days, the IDF’s Chief Rabbi determined his death based on new information that came to light along with physical findings.

Oz, H’yd, left behind his parents and twin sister. His levaya will take place at the military cemetery in his hometown of  Kfar Saba.

Kfar Saba Mayor Rafi Sa’ar, stated: “I am forced to announce with great sorrow that a few minutes ago I left the home of the Daniel family where the bitter news of Oz’s murder was conveyed to them by the IDF authorities. 141 days have passed since October 7th and we all wished for good news which unfortunately did not come. Oz was an amazing kid, always with the guitar and captivating smile. I wish to express our condolences on behalf of the residents of Kfar Saba.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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