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AGAIN: El Al Flight Forced To Divert After Passenger Becomes Violent Midair

An El Al flight heading from Tel Aviv to Moldova was diverted following a disturbance caused by a passenger who reportedly behaved violently towards another passenger – the second such incident in the past two weeks.

In a statement, El Al said “the flight crew dealt with the incident upon landing, and even invited the police to continue dealing with the violent passenger. The company views the incident seriously and is taking all the measures required according to the procedures and the law in coordination with the relevant enforcement authorities.”

This incident mirrors a similar occurrence about two weeks prior on an El Al flight from Prague to Tel Aviv, where security guards had to subdue a passenger attempting to force entry into the cockpit. The flight was consequently diverted to Greece.

El Al said at the time that new procedures were put into place to avoid similar attempted cockpit breaches on other flights.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. stress, including the war in gaza, brings out instances of mental illness. the next step may be to require a psych evaluation before being allowed to board a commercial flight.

  2. I’ve always wondered.
    Where there is “one idiot” who made trouble and is subdued, why does the entire plane need to divert?
    Continue on course and arrest suspect upon landing?
    What a waste of resources.

  3. @ Yaapchik

    To the best of my knowledge EL AL still does have at least two armed marshals on every flight. They are intended to blend in with the general population and only reveal themselves in the worst of situations.

    The flight crew are former military personnel (as well as probably many passengers) who are fully able to deal with a single nut job having a meltdown.

  4. @ Dr. Pepper,
    I know full well that what you say is correct because I sat next to one such air marshal once. I was just wondering if they still have them, especially now when the world is so against Israel.

  5. a worker opened up his lunch and screamed ,”oh no peanut butter again?!” this happened day after day until his coworker asked him,”why dont you ask your wife to make you a different lunch?” the man answered him with a confused look on his face”what do you mean? i make lunch myself.”
    a man went on an airplane that belonged to jews and during the flight he was bothered by the jewish atmosphere that was on the flight….

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