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TERROR IN ISRAEL: 7 Soldiers Injured In Bombing Attack In Shomron

Seven IDF soldiers were wounded on Erev Shabbos in a terror attack near the Palestinian town of Silat ad-Dhar in the Shomron, near the Jewish yishuv of Chomesh.

The terrorists first opened fire at an IDF post. When the soldiers ran outside to return fire, the terrorists threw an IED at them, moderately injuring three soldiers and lightly wounding four soldiers.

The terrorists then fled the scene.

Three soldiers were evacuated by helicopter to the hospital, as seen in the video below:

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror group claimed responsibility for the attack and issued a video of the attack, as seen below:

(YWN’s Jerusalem desk is keeping you updated after tzeis ha’Shabbos in Israel)


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