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REWARD FOR OCTOBER 7: Spanish PM Announces Recognition of Independent Palestinian State by July

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced plans to formally recognize a Palestinian state by July, as reported by Spanish media.

Speaking to journalists during his trip to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, Sánchez stated that the recognition would be confirmed before the summer. He also expressed his intention to persuade Arab nations that have not yet recognized Israel to do so.

Spain is actively seeking support from other EU countries, including Slovenia and Ireland, with hopes of expanding the coalition. Just two weeks ago, Spain, along with Slovenia, Ireland, and Malta, issued a joint declaration signaling their readiness to recognize a Palestinian state under appropriate circumstances.

Reports suggest that Spain anticipates broader European support for this move, aiming to capitalize on a window of opportunity between the cessation of war in Gaza and the US elections in November, where a return of Donald Trump to office could alter the diplomatic landscape.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Well this is very notable. As we know, Spain is one of the world’s mightiest superpowers…….oh wait, that was 300 years ago.

  2. And we will remember and never forget the Spanish Inquisition which robbed millions of Jews of their lives and fortunes. Spain’s golden age died with the expulsion of the Jews. Mr Sanchez, you might want to reconsider putting your sympathies with Palestinian murderous barbarians.

  3. Israel needs to annex Gaza otherwise it is inevitable that a Palestinian state will happen. Israel won Gaza legitimately twice, there’s no reason they cannot make it a part of israel.

  4. Spain, a country likely not recognized by palestine at all as it’s sitting on occupied al andalus and one of the hamas’s peoples next target for liberation.
    Good move Spain!

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