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Footage of Netanyahu Practicing For Press Conference Leaks [SEE FOOTAGE]

On Monday, Channel 13 news aired what it claimed to be a clip inadvertently transmitted to them, showing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rehearsing for his press conference held the previous Sunday night.

According to the network, Netanyahu conducted the rehearsal of his statement just before media personnel were admitted, and somehow, it inadvertently made its way into their broadcast feed.

In the video shown by the network, Netanyahu can be seen going through the initial lines of his speech, pausing frequently to ask questions and issue instructions to aides regarding various aspects such as the room setup, air conditioning, sound system, wording on the teleprompter, and more.

“Wow, what’s that distance, are you crazy?” he remarks upon entering. While it’s unclear what he is referring to, it could be the teleprompter. He then instructs, “Move closer, what is this.”

“Close the door, shut down the AC immediately,” he demands.

“They’ll hear it, won’t they? They’ll hear it,” he queries off-camera individuals, presumably referring to members of the media waiting outside.

“How’s the picture?” he asks at one point.

As he starts his preparation, Netanyahu reads aloud, “Citizens of Israel, good evening,” before pausing and questioning, “Why good evening? Well, never mind.” He then attempts the line in various ways before seeming satisfied.

He proceeds to commend the IDF’s extended operation against terror operatives at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, but pauses to question the absence of the word “exemplary” from the prompter text. Growing impatient, he improvises, stating that “the operation was exemplary.”

“This is not what a medical center looks like,” he asserts, before repeating the line with a more scornful tone, “This is not what a medical center looks like. This is what a terrorist center looks like.”

The recording concludes at this point.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

6 Responses

  1. They guy is so full of himself. Not good enough for him to practice in front of a mirror, he has to subject his staff to his politiBS.

  2. every good politicain does that. It part of the job of being an aide, and they feel privileged. He’s doing a pretty good job so don’t jab.

  3. He has become a disaster for the country and each day he occupies the office, it only gets worse. Its increasingly obvious that the war in Gaza is being managed in part to serve his personal agenda and stay out of jail. Even Trump is beginning to realize that supporting Bibi is a political liability and is distancing himself from this egomaniac.

  4. GHD, exactly what are you alleging? Or are you just insinuating in general, thinking you can stab him in the back, and Israel with him?

    Anyone who would put Gantz or Lapid in charge now is a traitor, an ally of the enemy, and belongs in a cell or on a rope.

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