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Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah Of America Decries Israel’s Nixing Of Draft Exemptions For Chareidim

It is a kindness of Hashem to His nation that an entire world of Torah has grown in Eretz Yisroel. Those toiling in Torah learning have increased in quantity and quality. We have merited tens of thousands of Torah scholars – in whose merit the Jewish Nation exists – as well as a large population of G-d-fearing Jews, who fulfill the Will of Hashem, and through them all our people are protected from our enemies.

Now, the authorities in the Holy Land have cancelled deferrals and exemptions from army service for those scholars, attacking the Torah and its Giver, and because of these anti-religious motivations they are endangering all Jews in this time of war.

We join in the pain and worry of all Jews at this danger. We join with the great Torah leaders of the Holy Land in their call to stand against this ruling. And we should all increase our Torah learning, our prayer, and charity, crying out to our Father in Heaven that not even one more soul should fall, until this time of Heavenly wrath passes.

Hashem does not spurn the prayers of many – may we merit to see the raising of the banner of Torah and His salvation of His nation and His land, with the coming of the true redeemer, speedily in our days.

Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of America

6 Responses

  1. “Because of these anti-religious motivations…”

    That is just flat-out not true – and any edifice built on a foundation of Sheker does not have Kiyum.

    There are other legitimate arguments that can be made in favor of continuing deferral of drafting those who are truly learning – and those are the arguments they should be making. Making false accusations against those with whom you disagree may rally the base, but does not win any arguments – and also causes a significant Chilul Hashem.

    an Israeli Yid

  2. Those that are attacking the Torah and its Giver, are those that were given the opportunity by G-d to return to his special palace to properly fulfill the Torah, and politely said “No, thank you, we’re ok here.”

  3. We can debate whether there should be a blanket exemption from compulsory service for those yungerleit who are truly sitting in kollel and shteiging 24×7 but it is is absurd to suggest that those call themselves “chareidi” and are NOT studying in yeshiva should be able to sit at home and send others off to fight and die on their behalf. Those who make such arguments quickly lose relevance and legitimacy

  4. anIsraeliZionist:
    Yes, it is true, of course. In fact, Agudah’s statement was a far cry of an understatement from what really should be said.

    Regardless, Zionism is the greatest chilul Hashem by far, and Zionism is as anti-Jewish as anything could be, as Zionism calls for itself to replace Judaism.

  5. HaKatan,

    Without the Zionist Army there would already have been millions of dead Jews in Israel. Including all the charedim.

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