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IDF Eliminates Key Hamas Terrorists in Jabalya; Air Force Bombs 60 Targets In Past Day

The IDF and the Shin Bet have announced that they have successfully targeted and eliminated prominent Hamas military figures operating in the Jabalya area of the Gaza Strip.

Ridwan Mohammed Abdallah Ridwan, a high-ranking Hamas military operative responsible for internal security operations in Jabalya, was neutralized by the IAF. Ridwan, known for issuing directives to Hamas operatives and orchestrating armed incursions to seize humanitarian aid trucks in northern Gaza, posed a significant threat to regional stability. His elimination not only disrupts Hamas’ ability to carry out attacks but also impedes their control over humanitarian aid distribution in the Jabalya vicinity.

Additionally, Hamed Muhammad Ali Ahmed, another Hamas military commander overseeing internal security operations in Jabalya, was targeted and eliminated by IDF forces. Another Hamas operative within the Jabalya Battalion was also neutralized in the operation.

The 162nd Division of the IDF continues to execute precise, intelligence-driven missions aimed at dismantling terrorist infrastructure and eliminating operatives in the central Gaza Strip. Recent engagements have resulted in the elimination of several terrorists through both ground operations and aerial strikes. IDF forces successfully targeted underground launch sites and neutralized ready-to-fire launchers utilized by terrorist factions. A focused operation also uncovered and confiscated military equipment belonging to the Islamic Jihad.

Over the past day, IDF fighter jets conducted airstrikes on more than 60 terrorist targets across the Gaza Strip, including underground launch facilities and militant-operated sites. Simultaneously, IDF artillery units targeted terrorist infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip, further degrading Hamas’ military capabilities in the region.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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