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Abbas Considers Severing Ties with U.S. After UN Membership Veto

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has announced intentions to reassess relations with the United States following the U.S. veto of the Palestinian bid for full membership in the United Nations. This statement was made during an interview with the official WAFA news agency, which reported the news in Arabic but omitted it from the English translation of what it termed “an exclusive interview.”

Abbas expressed strong disapproval of U.S. actions, accusing America of persistently supporting what he called the occupation of Palestinian territories. He criticized the U.S. for providing Israel with military support and for opposing Palestinian interests in international venues, actions he claims undermine regional security and stability.

“The United States has violated international laws and forsaken all commitments to the two-state solution and peace efforts in the region,” Abbas stated. He also accused the Biden administration of failing to fulfill its promises regarding the cessation of what he alleges is Israel’s appropriation of Palestinian funds, which he sees as crucial for regional stability.

In his remarks, Abbas highlighted the significance of Jerusalem, emphasizing its importance to both Islam and Christianity, and declared it a “red line” not to be crossed, notably omitting any reference to Judaism’s historical connections to the city.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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  1. Definitely. I think Abbas should teach the Americans a lesson they won’t forget and sever ties with the USA. And refuse the billions of dollars in handouts to the undeserving. And the Americans will be terribly sad and cry boo hoo. Then the Palestinian Authority will go back to running their hell hole unfettered and unbothered by any voices of reason, morality or decency. Show us, please, Abbas el creepo.

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