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Jewish Professor At NYU Slams Double Standard In Tolerating Anti-Semitism On Campus

NYU Stern School of Business Professor Scott Galloway, who is Jewish, sharply criticized anti-Israel student protesters at NYU, highlighting what he sees as a troubling double standard in tolerating antisemitism compared to other forms of hate. Speaking to MSNBC, Galloway drew a stark comparison: “If I went into the NYU square wearing a white hood and made hateful remarks against blacks or gays, my university ID would be deactivated by nightfall. I’d be out of academia permanently.”

He emphasized that in such scenarios, concepts like “context” or “nuance” would not apply, nor would there be protection under the First Amendment or free speech principles. Galloway’s remarks come amid ongoing anti-Israel protests on NYU’s campus and other universities in New York City and nationwide. These demonstrations have led to classroom disruptions, conflicts between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel students, and the recent arrest of over 130 NYU students.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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