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NETUREI KARTA ON EDGE: “Butcher Of Tehran” Still Missing After Helicopter Crash; Some Iranians Celebrate

Iranians are glued to their TV screens and smartphones as they awaited updates on the fate of President Ebrahim Raisi after his helicopter crashed en route to Tehran from Azerbaijan at around 1 PM local time, with more than 13 hours passing since he went missing, and still no sign of him.

Thousands of Muslim faithful flocked to mosques nationwide, including in Raisi’s hometown of Mashhad, to pray for his safe return.

Meanwhile, social media posts revealed that opponents of the Iranian regime were celebrating the news, with some even sharing footage of fireworks being set off in response to the crash.

The national broadcaster suspended its regular programming to air live coverage of the rescue efforts and prayers being held for Raisi across the country.

Rescue teams were deployed on foot in the mountainous area, navigating heavy fog with the aid of dogs and drones in a desperate bid to locate the crash site.

Raisi, nicknamed “The Butcher of Tehran,” has been rightly denounced by the international community for his direct role in the extrajudicial executions of over 30,000 people back in the 1980’s.

Meanwhile, pro-Hamas, pro-Iran, pro-death Neturei Karta members – some of whom have personally visited Iran to meet and kiss those wishing destruction on Jews, including the most ignoble Yisroel Dovid “Achmed” Weiss – are presumably white-knuckled as they await word on the fate of their beloved buddy.

In September 2023 – less than a month before the horrific October 7 massacre – a delegation of despicable Neturei Karta members met with Raisi on the sidelines of the United Nations to extoll his virtues and express their wholehearted support for his murderous ways. Their hearts lay heavy tonight as their friend, mentor, and morah d’asra is most likely dead, dying of injuries and/or extreme cold, or being eaten by wild animals known to roam the area where the helicopter went down.

In Israel, on the other hand, flyers are already being printed announcing the death of Raisi, though it has yet to be officially confirmed.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. We should not celebrate the death of this guy even if he was a Rasha. Remember what happened at the Yam Suf – while the Mitzriyim were drowning, the Melachim wanted to sing Shira but Hashem stopped them, saying “my creations are dying and you want to sing?” The lesson is that every person, no matter how terrible a Rasha he is, is still a creation of Hashem and their deaths can be noted but not celebrated.

  2. ATTN NK: please PLEASE get off your bums from marching on Bay Ridge and try to help this poor young Jew. Do something constructive for once!
    ומי יודע אם לעת כזאת הגעת למלכות
    (של פרס)

  3. YWN – the first and most reliable source to spread loshon hora about other frum Jews while being first to speak words of praise about freie mechallelei Shabbos b’farhesia and atheists as long as they are pro Israel. YWN wrote a tribute when Shimon Peres was niftar, a man who hated religion and Torah with a passion.

    Sad, very sad.

    PS I don’t support NK I just think YWN has warped standards

  4. Yanky1998 – There is no lashon hara about kapos in aushwitz and kapos like Weiss and his Muslim brothers.

    I have been following YWN for 20 years and don’t recall a “tribute for shimon peres” written by YWN. Motzei Shem Ra is worse than Lashon Hara. But go ahead and post the link of that tribute please.

    Unless you are referring to a request for tehillim by Rav Grossman, and the Chief Rabbis of Israel like Chacham Ovadia Yosef ztl and others (unless Rav Yosef js also a tzioni lowlife….)

  5. 5TResident: below is copy pasted from another comment thread:

    “You are touching on an important question how to reconciliate two apparently contradictory pesukim, one that states “Bi’ibud reshaim rina” and the other that states “Binfol oyvecha al tismach.”

    The answer should be obvious to anyone. A rasha is not just YOUR enemy, he is an enemy of Hashem. You do not rejoice over the downfall of personal enemies, but you do rejoice over the downfall of Hashem’s enemies.

  6. Be’aved reshaim rina
    We will most certainly celebrate the death of our enemies, both gentile and Jewish. When the Mitzrim were drowning in Yam Suf, Moshe, Miriam, and the rest of us were happily singing on the beach, and we repeat this song every single morning.
    When it was announced that Stalin is very sick, Rabbi Izhak Zilber said tehillim for his death non stop until his death was announced. Raisi is not confirmed dead, so we too should say tehillim for the death of this rasha.

  7. NK has setup an emergency Tehillim call for their leader & mentor. To join call:
    Bellevue Mental Asylum
    (212) 562-4141
    & ask to be connected to Ward 8.

  8. He’s still reported as missing! I wonder, just wonder, if maybe, just maybe he was captured by the Mossad and is being held hostage in EY.
    Oh, I hope so!!

  9. Ferd – Google it yourself. His obituary when he died, writes ZL and forgets to mention that Peres was a religion hating, self hating Jew who wanted to accept reform conversions as valid. He even had the chutzpah to visit rav Shteinman ZTL to ask him to compromise on it.

    As for Weiss, he is indeed misled, but his behavior does not cause muslims to hate Jews, if anything it’s the opposite. But the settlers who are a bunch of wackos and provoke random Arabs and endanger Jews in the whole EY are obviously like kapos. Yes, that is the way to say it. Rav Moshe Sternbuch ZTL paskened that anyone who goes to har habayis is a roidef. He never said anything like that about NK.

    The bottom line is a lot of guys on YWN are a bunch of modox guys who put on a black hat and are still modox on the inside. Prioritizing zionism over yiddishkeit, not accepting daas Torah of the real gedolim…being “yeshivish” but on your terms and being uncomfortable with some elements of the community that you chose to join.

    As Ben Shapiro says it: facts do not care about your feelings. The Torah, real frum Jews and the gedolim are anti zionism, and anti freie people no matter if they are zionist or not. Anyone who says this is false, is merely fooling themselves and/or clueless

  10. of course what the IDF is doing in Gaza is necessary, and I support their efforts just like I’d support the New York PD clearing out a neighborhood of thugs and robbers if they were threatening the safety of frum Yidden

  11. Listen, stupid infiltrator. A kapo is someone who cooperates with Jew-haters for self benefit or self preservation. Us settlers, even in the most uncharitable understanding, are actively fighting for a Jewish interest — Jewish control of Eretz Yisroel at the expense of self-benefit. Also of note, that the majority of settlers are frum not frey.

  12. 5TResident:


    באבוד רשעים רנה

    Is a posuk. We had the same feelings with Hamas too. Read up history a bit… Btw, most decorum are trying to understand this saying of midrash about what Hashem said about mitzrayim.

  13. Yanky1998:

    What does the simcha of the demise of the rasha with Zionism? I can be anti Zionism and still breathe a sight of relief. This leaflet is a call for us to feast and that Hashem for this – also, to finish off what he started. Yms”h is what you should say.

    I don’t care how anti you are but you know that Iran is the hitler of today. Period

  14. 5TResident, you are contradicting the very same gemara you are quoting without understanding. The gemara says explicitly that Hashem Himself does not rejoice when resha’im die, but He makes others rejoice. הוא אינו שש אבל אחרים משיש. And that is why, at the same time as He told the angels not to sing, He told us to sing, as the pasuk says באבוד רשעים רנה. As for the pasuk בנפול אויבך, the gemara says explicitly that it applies only to our fellow Jews, and not to anyone else; ההוא בישראל הוא דכתיב.

    We often hear krum people claiming that the reason we spill wine when saying the makos is because we’re sad about the Egyptians. That is 100% WRONG and UN-JEWISH, and those who attribute it to the Abarbanel should know that it is dishonest and unacceptable to pretend to quote a source that one has never looked up. To quote someone you must have seen it inside. And none of these people have seen it in the Abarbanel because he never wrote such a wrong and twisted thing. Some dishonest person made it up, and a chain of dishonest people repeat the claim, one after another.

  15. I think we should be careful about what we write and say in public about Iran’s regime and leaders, when a jew in Iran’s life is on the line.

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