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PHOTOS & VIDEO: IDF’s 98th Division Engaging In Fierce Combat In Gaza’s Jabaliya Neighborhood

The 98th Division of the Israeli military is currently embroiled in intense combat in the heart of Jabaliya, a densely populated area in the Gaza Strip. The division-level operation is being led by the combat teams of the 7th, 460th, and Paratrooper Brigades, and has thus far resulted in the elimination of over 200 terrorists, the destruction of terrorist infrastructure, and the demolition of underground tunnels both from the ground and air.

The soldiers have been successfully locating launch areas and destroying dozens of rocket and mortar launchers, significantly disrupting terrorist capabilities. In addition, the 99th Division is conducting targeted raids on enemy infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip, while also working to secure the Central Gaza Strip Corridor. This follows a successful division-level operation in the Zeitoun area last week, where terrorists were eliminated in close-quarters combat.

Meanwhile, in eastern Rafah, the 162nd Division is deepening its operations both above and below ground. The soldiers of the Givati, 401st, Commando, and 12th Brigades are operating against terrorist infrastructure, locating numerous weapons including launchers and explosives, and eliminating terrorists in the area. To date, over 130 terrorists have been eliminated, and dozens of tunnel shafts and significant underground tunnel routes have been discovered and are currently being explored and destroyed.

The ongoing military operation aims to dismantle terrorist networks and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, and to ensure the safety and security of Israeli citizens. As the situation continues to unfold, international attention remains focused on the region, with calls for a peaceful resolution and an end to hostilities.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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