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This Is The Plan For Lag B’Omer At Meron 2024

The Knesset’s National Security Committee on Monday evening approved the Meron Law in its second and third reading and is expected to be approved in a vote in the Knesset on Tuesday.

The law, calling for the implementation of emergency regulations at the site on Lag B’Omer, was approved following the IDF’s recommendation that the Lag B’Omer event not take place this year due to the numerous Hezbollah attacks on Meron in recent months, with Hezbollah repeatedly targeting the IDF’s air control base on Har Meron. A week ago, Hezbollah fired a heavy barrage of over 60 rockets at Meron.

According to the plan, a central hadlakah will be held at the Meron site on Lag B’Omer along with two additional hadlakos at the Bnei Akiva complex. The hadlakos will take place at different times and up to 30 people (10 at each hadlakah) will be allowed to attend.

Additionally, up to 30 people who lost relatives in the Meron disaster will be allowed to participate in a tefillah at the tzion along with some residents of the Meron yishuv.

Five journalists from different media outlets will be allowed into the Bar Yochai and Bnei Akiva complexes.

The bill calls for the imposition of fines for anyone who enters the Meron site on Lag B’Omer without a permit or organizes an hadlakah or another event at Meron.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Two questions:

    If it’s really a matter of security during wartime, why do they need to pass a legislative bill? Shouldn’t the military be able to shut down roads and areas that are considered dangerous?

    How does the number 30 make sense? One would expect that at least one family member per victim should have an opportunity to visit. (Are we just doing COVID rules again, made without any logic?)

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