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SICKENING VIDEO: Ayelet Shaked Makes Disgusting Remark That No Chareidi Soldiers Were Killed

Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked made extremely callous statements last week about the Chareidi sector.

In an interview on Ynet, she said: “Almost every day, I visit a bereaved family and none of them are Chareidi. There are almost no Chareidi families. We can’t continue like this anymore. We need to start recruiting them. The IDF should recruit 50% of the Chareidi sector.”

Her insensitive words sparked an outrage, especially because that night, an IDF soldier from a Charedi family was killed in Gaza.

The Torat Lechimah organization responded by stating: “Ayelet Shaked, no apology of yours will help. Yesterday you joined the dance for the blood of the Chareidim, you sought their blood. All the haters of Chareidim need a cheshbon nefesh today. In the photo: Sgt. Daniel Chemu, H’yd, who was killed last night (May 15th) in Gaza as a boy in Chemdes Talmud Torah in Tivereia.”

Torat Lechimah

Sadly, since the interview, seven Chareidi soldiers were killed, including two on Wednesday, and several others were seriously wounded.

The levaya of fallen soldier Yisrael Yukdin, H’yd, in Kfar Chabad on Thursday. (Photo: Dov Ber Hechtman)
(Photo: Dov Ber Hechtman)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Many would say that be definition if someone Hareidi joins the army, or even gets a job outside of the yeshiva world, the individual is no longer hareidi. While such a definition is ignorant and bigoted, it does explain her statement.

  2. @akuperma
    You are just as bad as Shaked! Your hatred for chareidim is clear in almost every comment you make.

  3. “Many would say that be definition if someone Hareidi joins the army, or even gets a job outside of the yeshiva world, the individual is no longer hareidi. While such a definition is ignorant and bigoted, it does explain her statement.“

    While usually I think akuperma has been on the same plane, this one is on a different one

    The next line is that she wants to enroll 50% chareidim

    If like akuperma‘s assertion it would still be 0

  4. Disgusting Jewish women. Her husband. Is SHAMED. High ranking man must be a dork or idiot to allow this. We frum as well. SHAKED HADES

  5. @akuperma

    By that logic it is inherently impossible to draft Chareidim so there should be no complaints about them not serving and efforts to draft them

  6. I don’t know that an idf soldier can also be hareidi. If you’d be hareidi you wouldn’t be in the idf. The idf is not a place for hareidim

    Kol Yisroel hareidim zeh lazeh

  7. Your headline misquotes her.
    She did not say “NO haredi soldiers were killed.”
    She said “ALMOST no.” (and she was referring to haredi families.)
    She is statistically correct about the “almost no,” relative to the size of their overall population.
    More importantly, the haredi press in Israel and some of it here actually would agree with what your headline says, that NO haredi soldiers have been killed.
    You need go further than the dismissive way they refer to the very unit that these soldiers were part of, calling the soldiers “dropouts” not actual “haredim.”
    Just this week, I saw in a haredi publication from Brooklyn, a photo of this very unit, mocking their being called haredi, when it’s plainly evident (to the story writer) that they are not.

    Personally, I think this soldier was a tzaddik who died al Kiddush Hashem, but he was most assuredly there DESPITE having grown up in a haredi family. He chose to be in a unit that was at the army’s highest level of religious observance, but he would not have considered himself haredi.

  8. The false outrage is almost funny. Her second quoted sentence is “There are ALMOST (emphasis added) no Chareidi families” – making it clear that she’s NOT saying.that there are

    As to the picture shown of a soldier HY”D as a Chareidi child – he came from a complicated situation and was a “lone soldier”, since his family contact when he joined the army. Don’t get me wrong – they did still care about him – but they were not in contact with him. There was an interview on the radio here with the woman whose family he stayed with when he moved out.of his own as an adolescent due to the question, and she had only good things to say about the soldier’s family – but did note the difficulties that existed due to his no longer following.the Chareidi way (though she implied that he was still Dati).

    So please, YWN – stop trying to create a straw man (or woman, in this case) to attack. The comments are not what your headline portrays them to be at all.

    an Israeli Yid

  9. So she’s not concerned about chareidim fighting, that wouldn’t be enough for her. She wants them to die, and she won’t be satisfied until they do.
    I think that tells us all we need to know about her agenda.

  10. Its all tragic
    But she was making a point
    Almost no haredi families means a lot less.
    She hadn’t seen haredi means the ones she attended.
    Not agreeing with her politics or views expressed following it but these points she made may be factual.

  11. Yeh they are busy learning Torah and praying. That’s why we see so many miracles and less are killed
    She’s another Jew hater
    It kills her. Like many they know the Charedim are doing Hashems will and they aren’t so they need to put them down.
    By the way maybe maybe Hashem once again is doing Mida Keneged Mida , the government and opposition always put down the religious so Hashem makes the world put them down

  12. Natanyahu decried the ICC prosecutor of puring gasoline on the global anti-semitsm – Shaked is doing exactly the same on the Anti-chareidy front!

  13. Indeed haredim don’t participate in צבא השמד לישראל.

    But they have never done anywhere near the damage to security that shaked and her master, Bennett, did by forming the judenrat government of the Muslim brotherhood.

    Shaked is to a large degree responsible for the simachas Torah massacre.

  14. She’s just another hater of Torah U’Mitzvos and those who keep the Torah.

    She’ll get hers one day .

  15. How about she should trade places with one of the young women that are presently in hostage and being raped for 231 days already let her trade places with her and hopefully when or if she comes back let’s see what her comments and how she’s going to talk then.

  16. Anyone shocked?
    She’s just the typical evil face of Zionism. The tragic comedy of it all is that the Chareidim Serving in the heretic IDF are the biggest supporters of Zionism.
    Guess she still wants the eradicate Jewishness from the “Jewish State” altogether.
    And then again, anyones still shocked what antisemites the Zionist are ?!!!
    Time to wake up all you sleepy supporters of the Jewish State thats wreaking havoc on Klal Yisrael.

  17. The leftists and centrists have such incredible chutzpah. For decades their policy was dictated by global pressure and appeasement of the world that hates them. They have destroyed israel’s security with all their “peace negotiations and peace plans” with the terrorists. They gave up land, they gave up security, they have enabled the terrorists to thrive and build up their infrastructure. And then, when their policies blow up in their faces, they use the IDF soldiers to die in wars they helped bring on. And they are doing AGAIN the same thing now by Netanyahu saying israel wont “occupy ” Gaza! Chareidim will NOT serve in the army which is destructive for their spirituality as well as their lives would be cheap fodder for these politicians simping for world recognition.

  18. Miriam:
    Actually, the “Religious Zionists” who shmad themselves (more) in the Zionist army are the most fanatical Zionists, not the chareidim being shmaded there.

  19. philosopher:
    That’s the idol of Nationalism, that the members of the nations are just cells in the body of the Nation. Eileh elohecha, Zionists.

  20. Let’s face facts.More Israelis are murdered in terrorist attacks ( including soldiers) than in fighting wars for the past several decades! And charedim are killed in higher proportions because they are dressed as Jews.

  21. At least she’s open about it.

    That is what the zionists always wanted, religious people either become irreligious or their blood spilled ch”v.

    That was their modus operandi in 1939-1945.

    That was their modus operandi in 1948.

    That was their modus operandi in 2021.

    That IS their modus operandi in 2024.

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