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UPDATE FROM MERON: Minister Ben Gvir Slams Actions Of Police After HORRIFIC Videos Go Viral

Many government officials  are denouncing the violent actions of the Israel Border Police in Meron on Lag Baomer.

As YWN reported earlier Sunday, a few hundred Chareidim broke the law, and visited the site, despite it being ordered a closed military zone due to Hezbollah rocket fire. Police actions recorded on video have gone viral, and show how police dealt with unarmed individuals, many of them elderly, women and children.

Many of the videos are simply too difficult to watch, as they were beaten with clubs, kicked down flights of stairs, placed into a chokehold and choked unconscious and other violent acts.

Many people are denouncing the actions of those who visited the site against the law, and have nothing but praise for Israel Police.

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir doesn’t agree with the despicable actions of police (who he happens to be in charge of), and released the following statement (translated by YWN):

“I demand from the police a full investigation and accountability for the cases of police violence in which a police officer severely injured an elderly person on Mount Meron and another officer fired his weapon into the air. I condemn in the strongest possible terms any cases of police violence against citizens. Throughout the day, I gave full backing to the police, Magav (Border Police) fighters, and security forces who did everything to protect Mount Meron from real danger to human life. But when there are exceptional documentation of violence against the weak, the elderly, and women, we must condemn and demand that the police take responsibility and be held accountable.”

YWN adds that an additional statement has since been released by Ben-Gvir stating that three officers have already been suspended.





“Deputy Culture Minister, MK Yaakov Tessler said “I was shocked by the severe cases of police violence today at Meron, and especially the horrific documentation of a Magav police officer brutally throwing an elderly man to the ground without any resistance or reason. This is an exceptional and very disturbing case. I contacted the Minister of National Security and the Police Commissioner this evening to instruct the immediate dismissal of the violent police officer and to bring him to justice. There is no place for brutal and dangerous violence in public service.'”

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  1. The real self hating Jews are Jews that don’t keep Torah and Mitzvos like these animal cops. These reshayim will be brought to justice whether in this world or in the world to come!

    Chilonim = TRASH

  2. THEY DID NOT BELONG THERE! I live in Israel. We had sirens all over the country today. The army says it’s not safe to go North. They did not belong there and made a huge chilul Hashem but fighting the police who are risking their safety to DO THEIR JOBS!!!!

  3. >>>The first video is what violent antisemites do. I fear

    Do people with even a modicum of sechel walk inside a crowd of violent antisemites after those violent antisemites have repeatedly warned them not to be there?

    Would a frum person anywhere else in the world walk into a crowd of police in riot gear after the police have repeatedly warned them not to be there?

    Does anywhere have reason to expect very different results after engaging in such behavior?

  4. איתמר ben-Gvir being head of police needs to fire all these savage police instantaneously & prosecute them in severest terms, and hopefully is on brink of replacing Bibi
    We need real leadership the likes of איתמר ben-Gvir & בצלאל Smotrich, & of-course President Donald Trump שליט”א

  5. What kind of animal kicks a woman?? Anybody who watches this and still refers to them as ‘our’ soldiers doesn’t have a half brain in their head.

  6. Nazis or worse than Nazis?

    Would they have done the same to elderly ppl blocking the ayalin hwy that is pushing someone walking in the right direction to the floor for no reason? Ofcorse not.
    because there is no reason to! but if the person is dressed like a hareidi it is a ok

    You know why because there atleast as bad as the Nazis. they despise yiddishkeit

    Anyone need any more proof to that

    Am I condoning violating the law ofcourse not

    When will these nazis be brought to justice

  7. Bla bla bla!!!

    They never closed any beaches, any malls, any concerts… Just pure jew hate!
    ימך שמם וזכרום

  8. Remember a couple of years ago when Arabs were marching down Israeli streets and people were taking Israeli flags off of their cars for fear of their lives (during another gov’t and not Bibi btw). Where were these cops to restore order then? I didn’t see them.
    Remember when we had Covid and you weren’t allowed to congregate. But every weekend they gathered illegally to protest Bibi (so they claim). Where were these cops to restore order then?
    Some folk seem to only be brave when it comes to pushing around old men. Ship these so-called cops to Chicago.

  9. That officer should be prisoned for assault on an elderly man he was walking away and was violently pushed such a push can literally kill a man of this age the hatred of the secular to the true Torah Jews is sickening

  10. Amshinover Rebbe was asked if you should go to meron his answer was No and he specified not because of Hezbollah but because of the danger of the secular Israeli police

  11. Police are expected to act professionally, but given that they’re also ordinary human beings, it must be very difficult to be spat upon, have Nazi! and Shiksa! shouted in their faces and be treated as sub-humans when called upon to do their jobs.

    They need to be called to account, but any other police force would have done far worse on the face of such intimidation. Try spitting in the face of a NYC police officer and see what will happen to you.

  12. I would point out that these are not regular police officers, but mishmeret hagevul, Border Patrol, who are recruited for their toughness.

  13. First off everyone walked away, no one was gassed, nor shot and shoved into a ditch STOP CALLING other JEWS “NAZIS”!!!!! Hasn’t anyone learned a —thing since 10/7??? Treat people with common (not really) respect even if they have the sheer audacity to have a different outlook than yourself In case you haven’t noticed Jews have enough enemies, you don’t need to enlist your own family

  14. njemt, comments #12!
    There was a report that the Amshinover Rebbe had stated that he saw no reason not to go to Meron…. People should go!
    It was pure fake news. He does not go on Lag Baomer nor does he encourage others to go during ordinary years! He was opposed! Another news outlet had a false story about him just a week ago.

  15. smell usually your comments are logical.
    on these articles they are idiotic.
    they complain that the police are barbaric and you respond “well you were breaking the law.” “You should have expected it.”
    (Not that it matters, but the police should have expected people denouncing their barbarism.)

  16. on 2nd thought, the police shouldn’t have expected the denouncements, since they’re generally very meticulous to break all cameras picturing them.

  17. Wow, just wow. People cannot see how their actions just breed contempt from the other side. It’s amazing, nauseating. No one learns anything. And all of this OVER A NONSENSE ACTIVITY THAT WAS EVEN RISKING LIVES.

  18. I think the reason these police are acting like this is because of all the stress and adrenaline from the war so they’re letting it out on us. Also they’re upset we don’t join the army now.

  19. But when the IDF kills women and children in Gaza, we all shrug and give excuses.

    This is the SAME thing!

    What is Israel supposed to do to get rid of Hamas, you have an alternative method?

    What is Israel supposed to do about thousands of people coming to Meron when it was declared closed due to real danger?

    If we rationalize the massacres in Gaza, why are we so upset now?

  20. Israel should stop being a police state. People should be allowed to go to Meron AT THEIR OWN RISK. Signs should be placed on the way to Meron and at the kever that during a time the government deems it to be risky to go there, during war and on lag b’omer, that the government does not take responsibility and will not come to individuals aid if they choose to go there.

  21. >>>Israel should stop being a police state. People should be allowed to go to Meron AT THEIR OWN RISK.

    And if Hezbollah ch’v decides to shoot a missile barrage at such an easy and large target how many other unwilling people’s lives did they put at risk?

  22. Happy new year, really now, you know the truth but for whatever reason you choose to lie about the situation. The IDF didn’t choose to go into Gaza, they were forced to go into Gaza and fight Hamas. Hamas chooses to fight within civilian population centers so it is they whom you can blame for placing these “civilians” in the center of the war. Furthermore, these so-called “civilian mothers” inculcate hate into their children so when they hit their teens they become full-fledged terrorists. The children are being abused by the adults- the terrorists and the so-called “civilians”, being brainwashed to engage in violence and become terrorists and they are placed in harms way in middle of the war.

  23. They should not have been there. There were people celebrating all over EY, as the YWN video roundups show. No one should be shoving elderly people to the ground, but the border police were given clear orders to close the site and you can expect that if a crowd of people comes anyway and shows every intention of forcing their way in, the police are going to react strongly. It is not the policemen and women themselves who made this decision- if people want to fight it they can direct their anger to whoever in the defense establishment made the decision. Harassing the police is a. pointless and b. chilul Hashem.

  24. I don’t know if Meron was a mokom sakuna or not, but after seeing those barbaric videos, it certainly is a mokom sakuna.

  25. Suspended for how long? 3 weeks?
    This brutally will never end
    The hate on chareidim as the capos during the holocaust
    As long we can support those who are keeping us safe.. like from the coronavirus .the meron tragedy & of course from the Oct 7 massacre

  26. Remember! For the past thirty years many Russian and Ethiopian Gentiles have been given Israeli citizenship and recruited into the state’s security apparatus. They undoubtedly display and are prized for an aggressive anti-Torah, pro-secular mentality.

    And Torah representatives in and near government such as Chabad have not said a word.

  27. Seriously? Why are you posting these videos? To incite hatred between Jews? Because that’s what ur doing. Calling another Jew a nazi is horrific. I’m not condoning any side in any way but don’t post these videos if u want Jews to love each other

  28. sad how most of you have no idea what your talking about. Is it so hard to follow the laws of the country your living in while it faces an exisetential crisis and is fighting wars on multiple fronts?

    Its not safe to go, dont go period.

    This has nothing to do with religion. Some of these cops are religious.

    I feel bad for these cops having to deal with radicals attacking them constantly.

  29. sad how most of you have no idea what your talking about. Is it so hard to follow the laws of the country your living in while it faces an exisetential crisis and is fighting wars on multiple fronts?

    Its not safe to go, dont go period.

    This has nothing to do with religion. Some of these cops are religious.

    I feel bad for these cops having to deal with radicals attacking them constantly

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