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PREPARING THE NORTH: IDF Conducts War Exercise To Prepare For War With Hezbollah

In recent weeks, the IDF’s 146th Division and the 205th Reserve Armored Brigade carried out extensive division-level and brigade-level exercises, simulating ground operations in Lebanon. These exercises focused on preparing for potential combat scenarios in the northern arena, involving rapid troop deployment, command headquarters functionality, and overall troop readiness for offensive actions.

Following intense combat in the Gaza Strip, the soldiers and commanders of the 551st Brigade have now been operationally deployed along the Lebanese border. Alongside their active duties, they participated in a division-level exercise led by the Ground Forces Training Center in the northern sector. This training included detailed battle procedures, validation of strike plans for the northern front, and the mobilization and organization of equipment. The troops also engaged in comprehensive learning sessions about the challenges specific to Lebanon and practiced operational models during both day and night to closely mimic real combat conditions in Lebanon.

The exercises further included rigorous logistical and communications operations, movement through complex terrain, and advancing along mountainous routes. Soldiers practiced the activation of multi-faceted firepower and combat strategies in urban, built-up areas to ensure they are well-prepared for potential engagements in similar environments.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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