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WATCH: “We Seized Full Control Of The Philadelphi Corridor”

The IDF announced on Wednesday that forces seized operational control over the Philadelphi Corridor in Rafah, along the Egyptian-Gazan border.

IDF spokesperson Danie Hagari said that the operation in Rafah has confirmed the intelligence that compelled it to operate in the city. “Hamas turned the Philadelphi Corridor into a central Hamas hotbed of terror,” he said, adding that forces in Rafah found dozens of primed rocket launchers next to the Egyptian border that were used in recent days to attack Israel, including the Tel Aviv area.

Hagari said that forces also found a tunnel network in the Philadelphi Corridor near the Egyptian border, adding that Hamas purposedly constructed 20 tunnels next to the Egyptian border, knowing that the IDF wouldn’t carry out strikes there. IDF forces eliminated about 300 terrorists in Rafah in intense battles that took the lives of three IDF soldiers on Tuesday.

The IDF also announced on Wednesday that forces destroyed a 1.5-kilometer-long terror tunnel in eastern Rafah where dozens of anti-tank missiles and weapons were found.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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