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Instagram Removes “WHERE WERE YOUR EYES ON OCT. 7?” Posts

Over the last day, hundreds of anti-Israel social media influencers worldwide shared an Al-generated image of hundreds of tents in the desert and the words “ALL EYES ON RAFAH,” a reference to the libelous claim [that has been disproven] that the IDF purposely killed civilians in a tent camp in Rafah.

The image received more than 42 million shares on Instagram alone in less than 24 hours. The hashtag also became popular on Twitter, as part of the pressure campaign on Israel to stop the operation in Rafah.

Ynet reported that Israeli influencers were quick to respond with another campaign, which states, among other things: “WHERE WERE YOUR EYES ON OCTOBER 7?” by Amit Deri’s “Diploact” organization. One of the images, also Al-generated, shows an armed Hamas terrorist standing in front of a red-haired baby, a reference to Kfir Bibas, a baby taken hostage on October 7th along with his four-year-old brother and parents. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant was one of the thousands of Israelis who shared the image.

But by the afternoon, the post was removed from all Instagram users who shared it – hundreds of thousands, including Gallant – four hours after he shared it in a story. In addition, the account of its designer, Benjamin Jamon, was blocked.

The “All Eyes On Rafah” image has not been removed.


“Instagram blocked my page and the story was deleted. I don’t know why, I didn’t do anything,” he told Ynet.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. The hypocrisy is mind boggling!

    The last line says it all.
    The “All Eyes On Rafah” image has not been removed.

  2. The rules of this game are simple.
    Every single Instagram user with a conscience has to delete their account now.
    Don’t complain. Don’t whine. Don’t sign petitions. Disappear.
    If you’re afraid it’ll affect your business, get creative and use a different platform or different methods to attract clients, and proudly say,
    No, sorry, I’m not on instagram.

  3. Here’s the issue. Most platforms outsource such moderation to subcontractors (independent contractors as employees). If they do not, the operation is still the same. You have someone with an impossible production quota, a vague rulebook, and a few seconds to make the determination.
    In this case, I can make a clear guess. In the 15-30-45 seconds they are given to make the determination to take-down or not, I see a gun. I see a baby. I need not to guess further of silicon valley rules of censorship.
    Very rarely do these things actually happen by real decisionmakers giving things through. The only example I have is the former owner of twitter, Jack NOT Elon, deleting Trump, but no-one from Iran. That was different.

    So terror will always win, because you cannot show terrorist at all. But you can always show Pallywood. As to Pallywood, how do you determine “misinformation” in a few seconds if you aren’t schooled in the situation properly?

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