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Mossad Exposes How Iran Uses Criminal Proxies To Targets Jews In Europe

The Mossad revealed on Thursday that Iran is behind a series of terror attacks against Israeli embassies in Europe since October 7th and is targeting Jews and Israelis across Europe via criminal proxies.

The Mossad, the Shin Bet, the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate and the National Security Council worked together with European intelligence agencies and discovered that two main criminal networks, FOXTROT and RUMBA, that are responsible for promoting terror in Sweden and throughout Europe, are receiving funding and directions from Iran.

In January 2024, the Israeli embassy in Sweden was attacked with a grenade, prompting the launching of an international investigation that uncovered the role of the FOXTROT crime organization, the largest crime organization in Sweden, which is responsible, among other things, for murders and large-scale drug trafficking.

The investigation also uncovered the role of high-profile criminal Rawa Majid, the “Kurdish Fox” – a Swedish citizen of Kurdish origin who heads FOXTROT and is wanted by Interpol. Majid has been receiving instructions from Iran to advance terror attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets across Europe.

The Mossad revealed that Iran was also behind the recent grenade attack against the Israeli embassy in Brussels as well as the gunfire near Israel’s embassy in Stockholm on May 17. Following the shooting, several suspects were arrested, including some of Iranian origin. The incident was tracked back to RUMBA, which is headed by Ismail Abdou, the rival of Rawa Majid.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Most criminals are working class patriots, and many countries find them easy to recruit. Indeed, the line between “terrorist” and “freedom fighter” is usually dependent on perspective (e.g. to the British and Labor Zionists, Menahem Begin’s “Irgun” were terrorists, which was a bit awkward when he became prime minister). It isn’t surprising that Iran actively recruits Muslim criminals.

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